Wednesday Weekly Roundup

The busy weekend started awkward on Friday, with a busy morning at DayJob, a rush home to grab my backpack and off to the train station. I had received an email from the hotel asking if I’d be there for the “second night” which had puzzled me. On the trin I discovered I had mis-booked the hotel (Thu&Fri instead of Fri&Sat)! 😦

I don’t know what else was happening in Milan besides Cartoomics, but when I got to the hotel, they were full on Saturday. They kindly called their sister hotels and found me a double room that cost me as much as the two nights in single (one of which I had missed). My mistake, I consoled myself with a 30euro dinner including wine! 😉

So Saturday morning I moved to the other hotel before going to Cartoomics… They kindly gave me the room like at 9.30am, so I dropped my backpack and got on the metro. The crowd outside the venue made me check – I needed to buy a ticked online and it was sold out.

Definitely botched trip, but at least the new room had a better bathroom! I went back to the center, bought some pencils in an Art Shop, then went looking for lunch, which I did at Five Guys. I was back at the hotel by 2pm, so at least I used that bigger room fully!

I hadn’t warned any of my friends in Milan, so I spent the afternoon writing and reading At least I had an early train on Sunday and by lunchtime I was back home. And surprise! They had broken into my apartment on the third floor, so the afternoon was spent cleaning up – the universe is telling me I need to declutter the house ASAP, or it will do it for me!

I did manage to write on the train back, though so by Sunday night I had my 10K down. I’m glad I havea few days off this week, so maybe I’ll manage that decluttering in a less traumatic way. And they broke the corner of the glass on one window, so some repairs are also in order.

Onward to another week of working, writing and reading! I hope to make my Recommended Reading List a little longer this year, with a preview in the newsletter coming out this week.


  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  27/12/2022

    WOW! I don’t know where to start with replying to this one. Sorry about the issues with the trip, and that really sucks about the breakin. I mean, I agree decluttering is a good plan (need to do some myself, especially after aquiring so much stuff from my Dad, not all of which we actually wanted) but still… Not the nicest way for the universe to remind you it needs doing. Hope the window repairs are done by now without breaking the bank too much, and that nothing was stollen (or, at the very least, nothing you wouldn’t have gotten rid of during decluttering anyhow).


    • The window is still broken, and they stole just jewelry, which I can do without. Having to climb to the 3rd floor meant they took only small things (they stole one of my backpack purses to carry them). Material losses don’t bother me, but that’s one more reason for my current state of mind one month later…


      • Victoria Zigler

         /  27/12/2022

        I’m sorry it happened. Especially the broken window part.

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