Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And Book 5 is out! The novels are over, and the last one (above) has dragon eggs and dragon cubs in it. Next title is a collection of shorts related to the novels or prequels to the novels, but it can also be read independently, I guess… you’ll see in a couple of weeks!

And since Facebook/Meta is making things harder for Pages, as soon as this series is all out, I’ll probably stop updating the author Page. I’ll put back the generic cover picture and let this blog go there automatically, but I probably won’t be updating the photo albums much longer.

I feel the social media in question is very close to the Thrust Termocline, and to understand what I mean, check out this Twitter thread. Social media aren’t the only companies doing this, and a certain retailer apparently is making lots of customers unhappy with their latest changes, so we’ll see.

I don’t have an alternate social media platform yet, although I may eventually go back to Patreon or try Substack, but that’s something to think about next year.

Last week I was supposed to go back to work on Nov.2, but I woke up with a fever, slept it off, and then tested positive for Covid, so I spent the rest of the week at home. I managed to write almost 13k (as soon as the fever left me the next day), or two stories, one in Italian, the other in English, which brought the yearly total to 455K. I may still make it to 500K if I find a novel-length project to finish the year.

I’m probably going for an English social sci-fi story with genetic manipulation, sort of mirror (well, actually, it’s more like a sequel) to the Italian novel, so I can explore more of this strange alternate future. If I can figure out how to do bilingual books, it might all come under the same umbrella, otherwise, we’ll see. It’s rather complicated, since the stories in the two languages aren’t translations, but different stories in the same late 21st century Earth (different countries, different points of view), so… I don’t know yet what will be.

Another post that stroke a chord with me is Kris Rusch’s Building a New World. Here’s to me being able to drop that part-time DayJob (that will hopefully soon vanish or be automated or whatever else the powers that be have in mind for that sort of thing), since I’m nearing 60, and that’s when you no longer take shit from anyone, LOL!

That’s all for today! Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  11/11/2022

    Hope you’re feeling completely better by now.

    I hate that they keep changing social media. And websites in general, to be honest. Makes it impossible for even someone like me who’s generally good with technology to keep up. Also means constant updates are required for screen reader software, which is expensive. *sigh*


    • Access for disabilities is always tricky. Here’s to hoping that at least technology will remember this and allow you to seamlessly continue using it without too much hassle.



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