Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And Book 1 is OUT! Check it out! There’s also the series announcement, and of course the series page! And since I’m still tinkering with all the books, giving them a last pass, I won’t be doing any pre-order on this series. Next year I hope to be more organized!

I’m impressed by how much I accomplished this year despite everything. Two short series, one Kickstarter and a few Storybundles – what else can I ask for? Yes, there’s another Storybundle coming soon, stay tuned for the announcement…

This week, despite “losing” a day to an unexpected trip, I wrote 17K, so I’m clearly still on a roll! 🙂 And I backed a Kickstarter that will give me two more short online workshops + the research books I brought back from England, I guess I’ll be fine until the end of the year, LOL!

Now I’m back to the dreaded DayJob and the usual routine… it’s still quite hot for September, but hopefully autumn (or the fall) isn’t too far away at this point. And maybe before Christmas Techie Bro will fix my laptop, LOL!

That’s all for today… have a great week!



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  16/09/2022

    Congratulations on another new release. I’m impressed by how much you’ve managed to get done this year too. And there’s still a few months to go yet.


    • I’m glad I’ve been able to keep writing and publishing what I want, since no series “exploded” – requiring me to “write more” in any of them… I do have more books for Otherside and even Immortaland if they happen to be liked enough to wan more! 😉

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