Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And the new title is out, later than expected, but it’s here! Terrans is a standalone book not included in the box sets, but if you want to try the series, this is a good one! πŸ™‚ Check out this alternate history in which by now we’re cleaning up the planet and visiting the Star Nations! Out now, eBook and paperback!

I should probably mention the Smashwords edition has to Table of Content. I got a few tickets about the ToC missing in Silvery Earth books, but I took them all out of their distribution, and whenever the merging is complete, the Smashwords shop will get the D2D edition that has it. Apologies for the months in-between, but I don’t really see the use of a ToC in a fiction eBook – I certainly don’t use it, but whatever! πŸ˜‰

Last week I wrote close to 9K and finished the next project last book. Now I’ll have to print it out and check it, but I have time to write something else before I send everything to Mighty Editor in September! And I skipped the Happiness is… vignettes on Sunday on Instagram because I had no internet and no landline from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning.

The heat has gone down a bit, but I still look forward to my week off. I badly need a break from the routine – work, write, publish and the likes. The Laptop is still acting up a little, but it looks like it works again, so I won’t have to move things between computers for now.

I’m also busy brushing up Italian titles and in September I want to try to send something out and possibly write something new, so there won’t be many more new titles in English this year. I also need to rebrand all those Italian covers, so I’m still quite busy, LOL!

Soon I’ll do a cover reveal for the new series… meanwhile, have a great week!

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  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  17/08/2022

    Congratulations on the new release, and I’m glad the laptop is working for now.


  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  17/08/2022

    And I really will get caught up on reading your books some time soon… Really.


    • LOL! No rush, I really won’t be publishing much more in English this year… The next five-book mini-series might be the last for now! 😊 Dunno yet what the next project will be…

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