Wednesday Weekly Roundup

In case you missed it from the publisher’s page, the rebranding is done. My old laptop refuses to run any kind of graphics program (Photoshop, Gimp) because some Windows update clashes with it, so I installed Photoshop on the writing netbook – which only allows me to work on covers, but it will have to do for now.

No digital drawings in the near future, or new strips or anything like that for now, but I can still play with covers. Here are the latest new babies (except the last one):

Last week I started going through the new project and making changes, since it’s the first read-through after finishing all four books and sending them to Mighty Editor. I’m also writing the related stories, so I need to tweak things here and there. And I ended up with almost 9K new words, yay!

I hope this week will be less hectic at work (last week I went to work only 2 days out of 5 because of Covid-positive colleagues), then I’ll have a week off to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday (eaten by mosquitos in Tuscany, LOL!). Hope it’s not too hot on your side of the world (or cold if you’re down under) and have a great week!

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  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  24/07/2022

    That’s annoying about the software and update not playing nice together. Awesome about adding so many new words despite the heat and being busy with rebranding. It’s cooled off some here for now, but has definitely spent way too much time much hotter than I like. We’re supposed to get more of that awful heat again soon, so I’m enjoying these cooler rainy days while they’re here to enjoy.

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    • I’m off to mosquito-land… Probably won’t write much this week, but we’ll see…
      Waiting for the weather to cool down…


      • Victoria Zigler

         /  25/07/2022

        Hopefully it cools off there soon. Just keep reminding yourself that every day brings you closer to Winter. In the meantime, I hope you don’t get eaten alive by the mosquitos.


        • Well, last night I slept with no sweat, although in the morning a mosquito was buzzing around my ear…
          I shall survive another summer, though! Hugs!

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