Wednesday Weekly Roundup

So, no writing this week either, but I managed to finish updating all the Silvery Earth titles, and even enrolled most of them in the site-wide sale with Ghost Bus Riders. Everything over 2.99$ is 50%off for the whole month, so go grab ‘hem eBooks! 🙂

As for the “new” titles, it’s only reprints, so, Tori, feel free to ignore them. Anyone else who hasn’t read a book of Silvery Earth, it’s all new, so check them out! Brand new covers and blurbs, hope you find something you like, there’s a little bit of everything! 🙂

I know I promised another title this summer, but I might not publish it for Sci-fi July as I intended originally. You’ve had a glimpse of the cover in the Star Minds Universe rebranding post, but I sent one of those stories to Galaxy’s Edge, back in March, thinking by now I would know if they accepted or not.

Last week I learned that the editor has been ill, and asked for a few more weeks of patience, hence I’m postponing publication of Terrans for this reason. If if she happen to like that story, the title might come out even later, but it will come out, eventually! 🙂

Now I’m finally back to the project I had to set aside for Silvery Earth. I only have a handful of titles left in my rebranding-reblurbing-republishing endeavior and I feel much better, even if my old laptop keeps giving me problems (some old Window update makes Photoshop crash, so I constantly uninstall and reinstall it to make it work, sigh!) – I’m seeing the light at the end of the rebranding tunnel, LOL!

I better go back to writing, now. It’s the only think keeping me sane these days. Imagining to be somewhere else with my characters instead of this crazy planet. Have a great week! 🙂



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  13/07/2022

    I thought that was the case for those couple of new titles, so didn’t add them to my cart. Figured I could go back and do so if you said otherwise in your post. 😉 Anyway, glad you’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the rebranding and such, though sorry computer related issues are making it take longer than it should to finish up. Hope it’s a bit cooler there today.


    • The clean-up means there are no longer duplicated stories that went into more than one collection… but especially where there was also a paperback, I had to redo the whole book. Tales of the Southern Kingdoms kept its title, but it has a completely different table of contents, as do Male Lovers… And I republished Amazon Sisters with a new title, but it’s the same book, so I un-archived it and changed the title (and blurb, and cover)! 😉
      I heard from Worldcon, they still haven’t finished the program schedule, so I told them to take me off the program, since I didn’t think I could make it to Chicago this year. I’m waiting for their response before giving up my hotel reservation (and if possible transfer my membership, otherwise, never mind!).

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