Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last day – possibly last hours for the Visions of the Future bundle! 🙂 Get it now before it’s gone forever!

Last week I wrote over 12K, despite a couple of days during which I didn’t write at all and did all the other stuff. The vampires will soon get their new covers and blurbs, meanwhile Future Earth Chronicles is updated! 🙂

When I’m done with all the updating, I’ll also update the header of the publisher’s site, but it will have to wait until possibly after the summer! 🙂 At least I updated this very blog’s header, and you can have a sneak peek of the new cover of Rajveer the Vampire… that kind of matches Brainwaves… which is good since eventually the two series cross over at some point, LOL!

I sent the first three books of the new project to Mighty Editor while I give a last pass to book 4. I’ll either send it later in the year, or next week, if she can do all four in my two-week slot. It’s 40K novels, but it’s still a grand total of 170K approximately!

I still have to write a collection to go with these four. You can expect publication of these titles sometimes in the fall. I’ve experimented with craft and had a lot of fun, so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I’m enjoying writing them and making covers for them! 😉

I’m still tinkering with the Silvery Earth covers, trying to find a template that I like. Hopefully next weekend I’ll update the Vampires Through the Centuries, then we’ll see.

I backed to artists’ Kickstarters and both will deliver the art book or comic book in January 2023, yay! On paper this time, since the PDFs are nice and cheaper, but not as good as the actual book. You can still back The Art of Pascal Campion (already funded and headed for the first stretch goal), while Pixie and Brutus Gnome Sweet Gnome is probably over by the time you read this.

Check them out, they’re both great artists, I follow them on Instagram and I’m very happy they committed their strips to paper! 😀 I guess that’s all for now! Have a great week! 😉



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  15/06/2022

    Sounds like a very productive week.

    My only writerly news is that I actually have someone who is doing work on the readings of the poems working on the “Pawfect Pet Poems” audiobook, and I’m trying to get things fully updated with my website. My website designer (AKA my Dad) is rather behind (according to my website we still live in Hastings, for example) and I’m hoping we can at least get most of it updated properly before the virtual exhibit I’m going to be part of that’s happening as part of the ACB convention in early July. A task that would be easier if Dad hadn’t decided it can only be done when I’m there with him, since my available time to be there while he’s dealing with it is limited. It’s getting closer though, so fingers crossed we’ll get it at least mostly up to date before the end of the month.


    • Ah, yes, website updates… I realized the cookie laws have changed in Europe and asked my webmaster (also former cover artist, although I’ll probably have to throw away all the covers he did for me, sigh) to update my cookie banner. The rest I’m doing it myself, and it’s tedious updating all the books and the series and and and… well, you know what I mean, since you’re almost doing the same thing! 😀
      Hope to finish this book this week, so I can send all four to Mighty Editor during the weekend, but we’ll see… the heat is on, and I hate the summer! 😦 But we shall overcome! 🙂

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  17/06/2022

    Yep, we’ll make it through all the awful website updates and things, and survive the Summer. Then it will be Winter and we’ll be able to think clearly again. 😉

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