Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And the last title being out, the series is now complete, and the series page updated with all the links! The paperbacks should be on their way to the backers who requested them. So I guess this Kickstarter is done! 🙂

Now I should be able to announce the second rebranding for the Star Minds Universe, and here you can see the new covers! There’s also new blurbs, if you’d like to check them out. The series page is updated too.

The titles are slightly changed, but the stories inside are the same – well, a couple of volumes have a new title, because “Interregnum” didn’t make sense anymore, so I changed it to “Confederation”. And you also get a sneak peek of the book coming in July! 🙂

The Smashwords/D2D merging means the books will vanish from Smashwords for a few months, they still have no idea when they’ll be able to send titles to the Smashwords store, but since my only Smashwords customer already has them, I don’t think they will be missed! 😉

Also, the slightly different title means I had to let go the Createspace paperbacks and make a new edition with a new ISBN on KDPprint. I didn’t change the art on the paperbacks, only the typography and the blurbs, but since the title is locked to the ISBN, I decided to create a new edition. Same interior, though! 😀

I wrote almost 13K on the new project last week. I hope to get that much done this week, but this rebranding will keep me busy as well. It’s not only the Star Minds Universe getting a face lift! I did mention I need to tackle Silvery Earth as well at some point, and I’m already starting experiments, but I probably won’t be able to do all the books until the summer.

Meanwhile I take care of the rest! 😀 And write the next book, of course! On TikTok I posted a couple of WiP videos, with things that won’t end up in the final book, like maps… but they’re useful when your characters wander a lot like mine! 🙂

The strip is over on Instagram, so from Sunday you can check the Happiness is… vignettes there. Yes, truly, I’m getting rid of Da Muses, how cruel can I be? 😉 I’m finding other ways to inspire myself, I did change the way I write my books through the decades, so I’ll be fine…

The next big news might be a Sunday Surprise! Have a great week! 😀



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  31/05/2022

    You’ve been busy!

    Sorry for being slow getting in here. As I think you saw on Facebook, I’ve been dealing with health issues. Specifically fighting a fever, a load of pain, and a nasty infection. Now trying to get caught up on things from being out of action for about two weeks from it.


    • I know that when you lag in your comments it’s always health… Sending good and healing wibes your way is all I can do!
      I know you can catch up, and I hope your body won’t let you down again for the summer! 🙂 Although the heat does us no good, but maybe it’s better in Wales?

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  01/06/2022

    Thanks. The healing energies and good vibes are appreciated.

    Wales can get pretty hot for a while from time to time, but overcast cooler days are thankfully more common. And when we do get extremely hot weather, it’s very rare for it to stick around for more than a couple of days without giving us a bit of a break in the form of rain and/or a thunderstorm. So, parts of the Summer are likely to not be fun for me, but it shouldn’t be too bad, and if it is, I know it won’t be for too long.

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    • Still hoping to move north… Today a stupid bee woke me up before 7am (and I’m on my last day off day job 🤬) because she wanted to explore my room… I wanna go north so less insects to deal with! 😜

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