Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote only 7.6 words but again, there was a break between two books – and the Kickstarter work of completing the campaign, so two days went with that and brainstorming the next book. My yearly total is over 150K, though, so I’m not complaining! 😀

This week I’m off DayJob, so I should be able to a) finish the Kickstarter work and send out the digital rewards; b) write the next book of the new project; c) edit the short stories I sent to Mighty Editor (by the way, if you want to laugh, last week’s strip was an actual conversation between me and her) and decide if I want to submit them or keep them for other purposes later on.

Some will need to be published this summer anyway. And during the weekend I’ll upload the first book of Otherside to retailers. Meanwhile I tinker with mock covers of titles that might never be published for various reasons, but since it helps me visualize the story better, I’m going to continue, LOL!

In case you don’t have a huge TBR pile, check these out: a kids friendly series with dragons is now on Kickstarter. If you prefer sci-fi, Celestial Sagas is now on Storybundle, with lots of great authors! 🙂 I’m still finishing the door-stopper Time Traveler’s Almanac (I got the paperback and it’s 900+pages long), and then I’ll probably check my copy of Crunchy With Chocolate, since I’m currently writing about dragons! 😉

Then I might go back to ebooks and switch on the new Kindle (although I still have unread stuff on KK, but it’s mostly non-fiction or classics), sigh. So not looking forward to seeing what they have changed! 😦 Like the KDP dashboard and the WordPress notifications and… ok, I’ll stop complaining.

Sorry, grumpy old spinster here! 🙂 Now I better go back to writing… have a great week! 🙂



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  28/04/2022

    Don’t get me started on things keep being hanged. Let’s just say even those of us who haven’t yet reached your level of physical maturity aren’t too happy they keep changing things either, and leave it at that. LOL! 😉

    I didn’t get any writing done last week, since I was still struggling to regain some energy after dealing with health issues playing up, and at the same time was dealing with some life stuff that’s going on (don’t want to go in to it on here). But I did sort out a replacement narrator for the poetry book I published last year that I’ve had narrator issues with, and it’s someone I’m hoping will be as reliable as I’ve seen her be with other things, and who I’ve heard read things before, so I know will do an awesome job. She’s already done more by proving she’s been reading the poems (which I know due to being asked about some pronounciations and such) than the other two did between them, despite having been on the project less than a week, so it’s promising.


    • yay for the new narrator and energies slowly coming back! I’ll keep sending good vibes and healing energies your ways, just in case you need them!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  28/04/2022



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