Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And the Kickstarter is over, with one stretch goal reached, yay! I will send out surveys soon, and digital rewards will go out next week. Thank you again for believing in me! I might do another for the next trilogy… just kidding! We’ll see how long it will take me to recover from this one, LOL!

Last week I wrote over 14K on the new project, and yes, it’s probably a trilogy, but we’ll see. Like I said, I’m in no hurry to publish anything new until the next semester, and I do have a couple of short story collections that came back from Mighty Editor that should come out first.

One is an extra title for the Star Minds Universe, which should do for Sci-fi July, and the other is prequel stories for Ghost Bus Riders, that I may publish in August. I’m considering going back to Worldcon (Chicago, 10 years after my first, and I love the town), but I don’t think I’ll bring anything to sell, just enjoy the Windy City and seeing old friends.

My cover artist for some Star Minds Universe titles, Maurizio Manzieri, is again nominated from the Hugo, amd may he win this year! πŸ™‚ Below his covers on my books (two custom):

Easter Monday morning I wrote another 2300words on the new project, and spent the afternoon drawing and brainstorming the sequel. I will have to adjust everything when all the books are written, like I’m doing with Otherside right now.

Besides obvious typos (still wondering how “mavkerel”, “republix” and “disctionary” ended up in my manuscript), I also found a small continuity error in one of the short stories, since I hadn’t corrected it after writing Book 2. So, good thing I’m going through all the books one last time before sending them out to Kickstarter backers and uploading them to retailers! πŸ™‚

Next week I’m off DayJob, so hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill all of the above – set up the digital rewards on BookFunnel and start uploading the new books to retailers, although they won’t go live until May.

That’s all for today! Have a great week! πŸ™‚


  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  23/04/2022

    Glad the kickstarter reached one of the stretch goals. That’s awesome! And I filled out my survey. It’s one of the few eMails I got to relatively quickly during the past week or so. LOL! I won’t talk about how far behind I am on things right now. My body forced me to take some sick days, so I was only doing the absolute minimum, and I was a bit behind before that, so… Yeah. I’m sure you can imagine the state of my inbox right now. And I’m behind on reading goals and everything too. Never mind. I’ll catch up in the end.


    • let’s not talk about reading goals! I have tonz of ebooks from last year’s Kickstarter to load on the new Kindle and I keep backing Kickstarters, so more ebooks coming!! But I’m done checking typo faeries on the Otherside books – both the printed PDFs and KDP check, so I’m ready to upload them for the Kickstarter rewards. I know some of the buggers will have escaped my not-to-keen eyes, but well… I did my best! πŸ˜€
      Going back to Kickstarter stuff before trying to concentrate on the next book of the new project, or this week’s wordcount will be veeeeery low! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  23/04/2022

    Glad it’s not just me with the backlog of books. LOL!


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