Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And we entered the last week of the Kickstarter! I finished the last proofreading on Book 1 with a PDF of the paperback – unbelievable how typos jump at you from a printed page! Also, this book was written and edited last year, and I made minor changes when I wrote books 2 and 3, so there were little tweaks to do.

The next proofreadings should go faster! I have already done most of Otherside Stories and I’m on Book 2, speedily going forward. Let’s see if in the final days we reach a stretch goal – more ebooks for everyone! 😉

I also found time to write, since I put down almost 12K last week! But then, I’m into a longer project, so words come easier, even though I keep cycling back because I come up with things when I have already moved forward. Did I mention I changed how I write through the years? Yes I did! 😉

My friend Fulvio Gatti has a novelette, “The Poderosa Trap”, included in the collection “Cosmic Convocation”, out now by Starry Eyed Press. You can find it here, both as paperback and ebook.

The space pirates of the “Poderosa” believe in democracy. This is why every few years they elect a new captain. Elmo Van Der Brook is ending his duty at the helm of the ship, so he suggests the smart but shy accountant Marcus Kandor to run as his successor. As expected, things will turn out much more dangerous than expected.

It looks like I’m forgetting to post the Happiness Is... on Instagram, but since I can’t schedule them… and I’ll probably stop here as well soon, maybe at the end of May when the strip ends on Instagram and I’ll substitute it with the Happiness Is... vignettes.

And that’s all for today… Wishing you a wonderful week, and Happy Easter if you celebrate it!



  1. Dear Barb, How are you? I wanted to ask you if you are on twitter. I’ve rediscovered it recently and I think it’s a pretty active place for writers. There’s a writer who writes in the same genre you do, and I thought of introducing the to of you but she isn’t on insta or FB. My twitter handle is shafalianandart … you can find her among the people I follow. Look for Gaia Octavia. Hope you are doing well. I’m gradually getting back to my earlier self. Will keep you posted, Tc Shafali

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    • Hello, Shafali,
      no, I’ve never been and never will be on Twitters, sorry. I don’t like Twitter Threads and the likes. And I don’t really follow blogs anymore either, so… maybe Goodreads? Bookbub? Dunno. I’m on TikTok mostly to watch other people’s videos! 🙂
      After a dry spell of almost a week, I seem to be back to my pseudo-normal self, but I won’t be publishing much this year. My Kickstarter covers the first half of the year, and all those books will come out in May, then maybe something else after the summer. Working on it, but in no rush to finish…


  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  23/04/2022

    Sounds like you got my share of energy. LOL!


  3. Hope you recovered your energy! I’m afraid it’s a last boost before the summer and it’s almost gone, LOL!


    • Victoria Zigler

       /  23/04/2022

      Some of it. But I’m still feeling kind of drained. Busy online and offline while also dealing with health issues playing up is a bad combination.


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