Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Ahem, well, since I’m so scatterbrained these days, I managed to screw this up and posted the first one one Monday early, but… Since the world is such a sad place these days, I’m going to restart posting random Happiness Is… vignettes every Monday.

Unfortunately those are not for the visually impaired, and I apologize to them, but hopefully they would lift someone else’s spirit up. I’ll also post them on my Instagram whenever I remember, since I can’t schedule stuff on that one.

I know I announced I would upload the first book of Otherside this weekend, but then I asked D2D about the merging and they told me it will be months before it’s effective, so I decided to try this new thing for book launchs: a Kickstarter.

I already wanted to do one for this short series, but I had to suspend the project. Now I’m almost ready to roll, it will launch sometime next week, and official publication is postponed to May.

I did mention I wasn’t going to publish much this year, did I? I’m trying new things, especially after the Kickstarter that changed the game for fiction writers. And I would like to suggest a couple of projects currently running on Kickstarter (before mine goes live, LOL!):

I personally backed and already read the short story of The Last Photograph(er) by Tommy Ueland. This is about a PI, basically a Viking PI and is part of a series. And one award you can get all 19 of the Viking PI cases for a very small amount, so that is the award to take. The short story is really neat!

If you prefer a fantasy trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp – 700 pages packed with magic, romance, and adventure – then Into the Darkwood – Hardcover Omnibus is for you. If you like dead tree books, that is, but there’s also the ebook version!

Last week wasn’t very productive write-wise because I had to juggle all these projects, got my rejections from submitted stories, sent out a couple more, and got the Otherside books back from the editor (so all the tedious editing and formatting work), so I only wrote one short story of about 4K.

Then on the weeked I added another almost 3K on new things – still shorts, haven’t started on a longer project yet. But I finished inking Da Strip and started coloring it, so it wasn’t wasted time! 🙂



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  27/03/2022

    No apology needed for the lack of accessibility of the happiness things. And, just so you know, I wasn’t avoiding your blog in protest. LOL! I’m behind on eMails and blog posts again. On the bright side, it’s because I was busy with lots of fun things going on, and some of it actually involved writing. 😉


    • I was worried I had done something wrong, LOL! And yes, I saw you were busy also with peets birthdays, so I stayed quiet… but I missed you! 😀


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