Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last day to get the Cattitude bundle! Grab it now before it’s gone! You don’t want to miss all those cat stories, do you? Get it NOW! Only a few hours left! 🙂

On Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter and why it’s good for us fiction writers. I am going to launch another Kickstarter this year, but it’s going to be a Kickstarter exclusive and I still need to write a few things for it, so stay tuned! 🙂

About those comics I got as Kickstarter rewards… The Woman in the Woods and Other North American Stories was the actual goal of the Kickstarter… it’s the shortest of the five, but I liked it anyway. I liked all the drawings and the First Nations stories were fascinating.

Then I read The Nixie of the Mill-Pond and Other European Stories – some well known like Rapunzel and Puss in Boots, but not exactly as I rememered them! And this is the one I like the least pertaining the drawings, which are important for me in a comic. An interesting take, for sure.

And last but not least, The Night Marchers and Other Oceanian Stories (limited at Hawaii and Philippines, actually) to complete the collection. A good batch of 5 PDFs (since the printed version was unavailable and would have arrived much later anyway) with color covers and black and white interiors.

A List of Ukrainian-born SF/F Authors Whose Fiction is Available in English – if only my TBR pile wasn’t so high already… maybe I should bookmark the post and get back to it when my Kindles are less stuffed? Which might be a tad too late, but we’ll see…

Last week I wrote a little over 6K, but that’s two new stories that count towards that Kickstarter project. The one I worked on this week might spawn a couple more and they could be gathered as some sort of episodic novel – maybe.

When I’m done playing with this and sending out shorts to mags (yes, I’ve submitted a few since I won’t publish them for another couple of months at least), I will get back to longer works, but I haven’t decided which one yet (expanding a short story or continue Otherside or something else altogether).

Don’t worry, Otherside is concluded with the upcoming books (uploading the first one this weekend, so it’s coming), but I might consider a couple of sequels if I don’t find an alternate history that keeps my mind busy for a few months.

I’m quite scatterbrained at this time, so I better not announce anything until it’s set in stone (like the upcoming publication – the covers are ready, now to format that book 1 and wait for the editor to send back the rest and I’m ready).

I may revisit old series/worlds for now and leave a brand new project for next year or later, but we’ll see. Like I said, I can’t really make plans at this time, not even for my travels and vacations. I’m taking it easy and just taking everything as it comes to me.

I also need to finish what I started during the creative weekend – ink, color and letter the final waves of the strip – which might allow me to brainstorm on the next project or send me into depression because I can’t keep out thoughts of the world.

But I’ll definitely keep writing, since it’s the only way for me to stay sane, escaping to those other worlds and other stories! 🙂 That’s all for today… have a great week! And get that bundle before it’s gone! 🙂



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  09/03/2022

    Wait… You’re managing to stay sane? Well, in that case you’re one step ahead of me. LOL!

    Taking things as they come is the best way to do it these days in my opinion. I expect there will be some who disagree, but these days I feel like even plans that look to be set in stone can often not be as sturdy as they first appeared and come crashing down. Focus on enjoying the creating, and trying not to get lost in the black pit world events will try to pull you in to, and cross your fingers you end up somewhere nice at the end of what will hopefully not be too bumpy a ride.

    Anyway, I had a bit more of a writerly week this week. I wrote an article I submitted to a magazine, and the person who puts it together offered me a free advertizing slot as a show of gratitude because I’d been helping her out with other things while she’s dealing with some health issues, so I wrote that too. I feel like the article was better… I’m no good at advertizing myself and my books. I’ve also commited to writing some poetry for the anthology Alex is putting together to support a charity in the Ukraine.


    • Staying sane? Not really! 😀 I keep going and change my mind every day, LOL! Tomorrow I should get everything back from the Editor and make my final choice for the Otherside series, so stay tuned…
      I’ve seen Alex’s antho call, but I don’t have anything for her at this time. I’ll make sure to publicize it when it’s out, though! 😀
      By the way, I already got rejecte for all the stories I managed to send out – one more to send since last Monday the mag didn’t open as promised, and I’ll be done with submissions (I’m still waiting on a January submission, but I should get an answer by the end of the month)! 🙂

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