Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I got my 10K done, both in a new story (it’s probably the start of a novel, though, so I’m setting it aside for now) and in tinkering with the previous project. This week I’m moving on to another SFF subgenre, possibly to submit to magazines and anthologies, possibly because I want to write that stuff and get it out of my system now! 😀

David Gaughran has some updates, so go check them! I might do some advertising this year, more of the backlist than of new titles, but we’ll see. My brain is still quite slowed down by real life since things aren’t improving at all on this side of the world. Maybe a nuclear apocalypse would have been faster, LOL!

This is probably Dear Nephew’s week, since I saw him on Sunday, on Monday I took him to have his booster shot because both parents were busy, and next Sunday I’m taking him to a Feltrinelli bookstore to have his Khabi Lame comic signed.

Dear Nephew is not on TikTok, but he knows the influencer and watches his videos on YouTube (unlike his aunt/godmother who follows Khabi on TikTok). I read the comic too, and it’s funny, but my bookshelves are already full. I’m trying to get rid of some books, but I’m sure you know how hard it is! 😀

The week hasn’t started well, writing-wise, because I spent Monday revising the original Italian version of Soul Thieves – much shorter – and discovered on Tuesday that I did the blurb wrong, it’s the 22nd century, not the 21st!

So I had to change it everywhere, including the paperback back cover, so the afternoon was lost to that and checking another original Italian version for a possible rewrite. Sigh. And tomorrow half the afternoon will be gone to help my parents, so I guess I won’t write much this week.

And as soon as I finished updating documents (and found out that I had uploaded the wrong manuscript on a title on Smashwords, uh-oh!) I heard the new: Draft2Digital to acquire SmashwordsThe Smashwords announcement and Mark Coker’s blog post. Yay! One less to upload to!

At least that’s my first reaction. We’ll see how it goes for whoever is already on both… will they merge titles so there will be no duplicates? I haven’t had time to read all the FAQs yet, but we’ll see! 🙂

I guess that’s all for today… big announcement coming next week, so stay tuned! Have a great week!



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  12/02/2022

    Awesome about the word count! Sounds like you’re getting to see a lot of your nephew right now. Enjoy the trip with him to get his comic signed. Oh, and good luck with clearing out books. I tried that once. Felt bad, and have ended up buying copies of many of the ones I got rid of. LOL!

    I hope things go as well as the two companies predict with the merge.

    I’m working through The Artists’ Way with a group via the ACB, and between the tasks for that, craft projects, Zoom calls, creating new YouTube content, and life, haven’t done any story/poem writing. I did read a couple of my poems at an open mic night a couple of days ago though. So, still doing great with the parts of a writers’ life that aren’t the actual writing, but not the writing part.

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    • It’s been an “I’m not writing” week here too, so far. Maybe I can change things today! Have a great weekend!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  12/02/2022

    Hope you can. I know I won’t be changing it today… Maybe tomorrow? *looks hopeful*

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