Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the last post of the year… where did time go? For a final final wordcount of 2021, I’ll give numbers next week. It currently stands at 460K. Last week I wrote under 7K because two days were eaten up by… series rebranding. But since it was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I shouldn’t have counted them as writing days, right? (As if I weren’t known as someone who spends the Holidays writing when everybody else is busy celebrating, LOL!).

Anyhow, I had somehow announced it when the Visions of the Future Bundle came out, and now it’s official. Star Minds Universe eBook covers got a facelift! I even redid the series trailer! And I did the last two paperbacks, so everything is in print as well – the Star Minds Lone Wolves Novellas as well as Star Minds Lone Wolves Team! And I took down the five-missions ebooks of the Team, since I think it should be read as a single episodic novel anyway.

Star Minds Universe new eBook look

So, above you see all the new covers. Those are the titles currently available, as eBooks and in print (except the box sets. Those are eBook only, for obvious reasons). If you’re like Tori, you already read them all. If you got the Star Minds Starter somewhere, well, here’s everything you get if you keep going from there! 🙂

There are no other books planned at this time, although I might add a Themed Collection of Original Stories about this alternate future for our planet. Having also updated the series page, here’s the whole series blurb:

Star Minds Universe, a Space Opera Series

In this alternate future, Earth joins the Star Nations in 2012… discover this future where space travel is the norm, starting back in the 20th century and then diverging into a completely different future from our own!

Hey, look! I even updated the Smashwords Series page! 🙂

And I am honored to have some covers by Hugo Nominee Maurizio Manzieri in this series – the ones you see as “video cover” were custom made for me (Star Minds Next Generation and Star Minds Chasing Stardom), others I bought from him and wrote the story to match the illustration on the cover (Star Minds Next Generation Diaries and Star Minds Interregnum, the illo for Star Minds Third Generation Snippets matched my idea of Kaori in the galaxy police).

I don’t know when I’ll be able to give a new look to the Silvery Earth books, because there are many more and I have trouble finding images of characters from the southern kingdoms (India and Persia inspired), the Amazons Country or the Assassins Guild, so I think I’ll leave them as they are for now.

I know I’m supposed to touch up the backlist (it’s been ten years since I started with Silvery Earth, after all), but considering how long it took me with 20some books, I’ll have to take a week off writing to change 40some book covers!

Anyhow, in January I’ll do a last paperback for Vampires Through the Centuries and then it’s ten years of my Italian pen name, so I’ll be busy with that. I’m also taking out the Italian titles from KU, since they stopped getting read, and I do have some readers on Kobo, especially since it distributes to Mondadori and Feltrinelli.

So January will be busy with more housekeeping and more writing. Hope to wrap up the current project and then we’ll see. I have a few more Ghost Bus Riders stories to write and a couple of other ideas that I still need to figure out.

That’s all for this year! See you in 2022! Have a great week!


  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  30/12/2021

    Considering everything, that’s a fantastic word count, even if you don’t manage to add much – or even any – more between now and the end of the year. 🙂

    Other than a little something to celebrate whatever it is, I generally treat holidays like any other day these days too. I didn’t do any writing over Christmas, but I was involved with a bunch of stuff on Zoom, and if I hadn’t been feeling rough so sleeping in between those things, likely would have done some between the Zoom calls.

    I’ll hit the ten year mark next year, and thought about doing all that rebranding and such myself. Then I realized if I started I’d have to finish, and given how many books that is decided I’m not going to bother. I know they say you should, but I’d rather work on new stuff. People can either accept that it was the best I could do at the time when it comes to my old titles or not. It’s up to them. Either way, I’m not doing it. Besides, since some of my covers are actual pet photos, I’d be reluctant to change them anyhow.


    • I’m adding to that wordcount, although I keep rewriting stuff because I redo the math and keep discovering new things! But it’s worldbuilding, so it’s all good.
      I hear you about rebranding. In the SMU I redid only three covers, though, the rest I only changed the font and typography… So that’s what you might consider – leave the image and change only the typography! In Silvery Earth’s case, I need to change all the covers because the “illustrated fantasy covers” are sooooo 90′ or something, sigh! But I won’t do it anytime soon, that’s for sure!
      Happy end of the year and we’ll talk about goals in 2022! 😀

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  31/12/2021

    Yeah… Even just messing with the fonts for all those titles still sounds like too much work. LOL!


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