Wednesday Weekly Roundup

I wasn’t expecting to write much, since I’m wrapping up a few projects, but when my friend told me she couldn’t make it to our creative weekend I went “Yay! I can start setting goals for the new year!”

Not. I caught a cold (between the office and the house) and it exploded on Saturday. I spent most of Sunday with a fever (when the Paracetamol wasn’t working my system), so clearly I didn’t have the brains to concentrate on anything.

I napped a lot, stayed warm, and of course didn’t go to work on Monday. I ended up with nearly 6K, which isn’t too bad, considering that a full day was almost a no-go. I guess I’ll work on those goals during the Holiday Season… when everyone vanishes and I’m free to think! 😀

On Monday I managed to wrap up what I couldn’t do Sunday, and I’m off on Book 3, probably until the end of the year… and if it’s another 40k, I’ll be very close to my goal! 😉

I’m still considering keeping the wordcount goal of 500K, and I need to complete a couple of series with the last paperbacks, but then there will probably be a void until mid-March, since Mighty Editor was all booked already in January and February.

Unless I start a project I’ve been pondering for a few years already, but it will be a bit of a challenge to set it up, so we’ll see.

I’m not giving myself publishing goals – I need to complete a couple of collections before I can put them out there anyway – but I’m going to clean up what’s already out.

I’ve finished reading the books on KK but I probably won’t load the new Kindle until the new year. I still have some paperbacks and printed PDFs I can read before then… I’m done with the pop-up workshops from the Kickstarters, but my TBR pile is still quite high from those rewards!

I’ll probably do my recommended reading post before the end of the year, even though a preview has gone out in my newsletter… but not all books are on Bookbub, so a list is due! 😉

Stay tuned… and stay warm if you’re in the northern emisphere! Have a great week!



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  15/12/2021

    Hope the cold is better by now. And congratulations on getting even that much writing done when feeling unwell.

    Other than some song lyrics (something I’ve started doing for a daily Zoom call I’ve been going to… I write lyrics to go with some well-known tunes, and sing them for them) I haven’t done any writing this past week, but I did officially release “Jelena” (as you saw on Facebook) as well as recording me reading a few of my poems that will be going up on YouTube this weekend, and arranging for an interview that’s meant to be being recorded tomorrow. So, between those things and some non-authorly stuff I’ve had going on, it’s been a busy and productive week. Just not much to show for it in the writing department.

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    • everything you’ve done is writing-related anyway, so well done! 🙂 for us indie who can’t delegate, the publishing stuff is also part of the deal… ande I’ve been kind of avoiding it lately! 😉
      I have considered reading the start of my books on TikTok, but when I tried to do it, my voice refused to come out… I guess I’ll have to find other ways….

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  15/12/2021

    True… It all counts in the longrun. 🙂

    I had that trouble at first with reading the poems, and even more so with doing songs. But then I got sort of dragged in to it, and my contribution was so well-received it gave me enough confidence to do it again, only this time voluntarily. LOL! We won’t talk about how many times I had to record things before I got a decent enough version to put on YouTube… 😉


  3. Victoria Zigler

     /  15/12/2021

    Well… Pop over to my YouTube and see if you’re still impressed after you’ve heard the clips. LOL!

    (seriously, the link is if you do want to take a listen)


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