Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And I’m back home after visiting friends (and cousins) and taking a break from the routine… Unfortunately DayJob is still interfering a lot with my productivity, so I probably won’t challenge myself just yet. I will set a couple of goals for next year, but I’m going to take it easy until I’m out of the system that is stressing me so much! 😀

Last week I did manage my 10K, despite the travels. Considering the meetings with friends were often at meals time, that left me with a few free hours to write in the hotel rooms or lobby. I also went through the latest novel, added some kind of ending, but today I’m doing a last pass, so I probably won’t be writing much.

I’m also doing the Pop-Ups I got from a Kickstarter – one per day after dinner, when my brain refuses to produce more writing, so I should be done by the end of the week. This weekend should be a creative one, drawing more than writing, so I can finish the Instagram strip – I don’t have many “waves” left to draw.

Next weekend it’s publishing weekend, I hope to put out three more paperbacks by the end of the year (only one new title, though). Hopefully I can order them and get them before Christmas – maybe, considering that I ordered a DVD back in October, it was sent by DHL and got lost anyway. Sigh.

Today is national holiday in Italy, so I’m home, but this week – and until Christmas, I’m afraid – it’s going to be crazy in the mornings, and I ran out of vacation time. But I will survive and keep trudging along! I might not be as productive as I used to be for the next couple of years, but the changes brought by this year need time to settle.

Hopefully when I’ll be out of DayJob, I’ll be able to challenge myself and start whatever it is that I’m mulling over right now but don’t have the strength to start because I’m not sure I can sustain it. I look forward to the day when I’ll start a new routine, though! 🙂

A good post on the difference between goals and challenges – like I said, I’ll set up a goal, but 2022 is not a good year for me to challenge myself. I probably burned out as well, and I’m still recovering, LOL! I might reach those 450K, but probably not 500K. I’ll try again next year with the wordcount! 🙂

I guess that’s all for today… have a great week! 🙂



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  09/12/2021

    Welcome back! Despite how the year has been for you, it has been a pretty productive year, and you’ve done an awesome job all things considered.

    Last week I wrote another of the 500 word stories I need for that collection (just three more to write now) and the narrator for Tedi’s story already sent me first the fifteen minut checkpoint and then the final version of the book (since the length of it means the fifteen minut version is actually the final version, because I didn’t need him to make any changes) so we’ve already got that submitted to ACX. Nothing from the new poetry book narrator yet, but I should get something in this next week, since the deadline for the fifteen minut checkpoint is December 15th. And I have everything set up completely now for the eBook versions of Jelena’s story to be officially released on Monday, including setting up the announcement post that will go live that day.

    Given how things are with my health these days, I’m definitely going for goals and not challenges for 2022 – completing a few small goals is enough of a challenge in itself these days.


    • yes, definitely goals and no challenges for the next couple of years. In January I might do the third shot, but my shoulder is still kinda achy, so… and my cholesterol is high, and my thyroid is tired and and and… yes, I know, I’m getting old and will get used to it, LOL!
      But really, I’m going to take it easy. I might be less organized and prolific than usual, but I won’t stop. And we can keep this going – accountability for each other, LOL!
      Here’s to reaching our goals until the end of 2022!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  09/12/2021


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