Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Happy to announce I made full use of Books2Read new feature to add paperback links. Now not only my books have all the paperback links I could find under the same UBL – geotagged! – but also the Curated Anthologies have one link for all formats! Ain’t it neat? 😉 It took me some time because I have about 70 paperbacks + the anthologies, but I finally made it! 🙂

And in all this, I still managed to write 13K+ last week, which brings the yearly total to 406K, which is very good since I wasn’t expecting this much. I guess I spent too much time with shorter works and the day-off in between them, LOL! Now that I’m back to writing longer works it looks as if my writing streak has recovered!

I might still not make it to 500K, but I’ll be happy anyway. I also published the Future Earth Box Sets, in case you want to binge-read the series and get with a little discount (sorry, Tori!)… the whole series is set in the future, after the apocalypse of western civilization, although Before Future Earth Chronicles is set mostly in the 21st century. But that’s why it’s called “Before”! 😀


Box Set #1 (Books 1 to 5)
Raj and Bel travel around the world, a journey in search of more truths about the apocalypse, its survivors and the alien invasion.

Box Set #2 (Books 6 to 10)
Megan, Yollanda, Arjun, Azur and Shani continue the investigation after Raj and Bel have gone home, in the company of western vampires

Box Set #3 (Before Future Earth Chronicles + Book 11 and 12)
The complete collection of stories, prequels to the main series. From the arrival of the Phis’irs and their symbionts to the loss of control over Rainbow Towns, four centuries of future Earth history, concentrating on the apocalypse years.

Luke and the vampire war, Ahyoka travels to her father’s tomb.

And of course there’s the paperbacks as well, if you’re a fan of those, but I can’t create box sets with paperbacks yet, sorry!

There is barely a week left to grab the Visions of the Future Bundle! And check out the other great offers at Storybundle! Like the Nano Writing Tools (if you still believe you need to write only during NaNoWriMo and not during the whole year, LOL), or the Weird Fiction bundle.

I’ve been reading The Difference Engine more because it helps with my current worldbuilding than because I’m loving it. And because it was really cheap on Kindle. I had forgotten why I don’t like buy direct from the Zon – those damn highlights. I don’t care what other people highlight, and I checked, they’re turned off on KK (yes, I can still download on KK, the Wi-Fi works, it’s the connection to the laptot that is broken, hence I can’t copy whatever is on it or add anything, hence the New Kindle waiting to be used – when I’m done with what I have on KK, that is), but still they show up in this book. Annoying and distracting.

Anyhow, I’m trudging along. An unusual book for sure… Now I shall go back to my travel plans and my writing… Have a great week!

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  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  17/11/2021

    WOW! Well done on getting all those links sorted. I’ve not bothered doing UBLs for my books. I look at how many I have out, and go do something else. LOL! Awesome about the word count too, especially considering all the work involved in doing the links.

    I, unfortunately, had a very unproductive writing week. Part of it was birthday related (it doesn’t seem to occur to most people that actually some time alone to write in peace would be the best birthday gift they could give me) and part of it was other things going on. Monday didn’t help, because I had one of those Mondays where everything takes twice as long as it should, and focus is non-existent. Which is a shame, because otherwise it would have been a perfect day to actually get the story I want to format formatted so I can send you that cover information. Oh well, at least I had a nice birthday weekend. Thing positive and all that. 😉


    • Always look at the bright side! 😀
      Fortunately I need to take breaks between writing sessions and after dinner my brain is usually too fried to do anything else, so that’s a good time to update manually all those paperback links. It still took two weeks, LOL!
      I just scrapped five manuscript pages, so I better go back to writing right now! Have a great week!

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