Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And I got paperbacks! Both of the Ghost Bus Riders and of Crunchy with Chocolate! You may notice the paperback covers of GBR are not exactly the same as the ebooks. You can check the series page where they’re in the same image. The difference is in the positioning of the ghost bus, the image had a limited reach for the wrap cover, hence I had to move it around.

And a reminder of where you can find Crunchy with Chocolate, that includes my short story Dragon Life: publisher’s site + ebook universal link (paperback available on publisher’s site and Amazon). And yes, I’ve added it to the Other Publications page as well. Stay tuned for more, it’s not over yet this year! 🙂

For the second week in a row, I wrote more than 10K, so I might reach those 400K after all. Especially if I start on the second novel right now, with the first still fresh and out to a beta reader (and most faithful adviser – she was my offline beta before she moved back to the US). Still short of the original aim, but it’s been a weird year, and I’m not complaining at all.

Stay tuned for the Halloween Spectacular 2021 – did you subscribe to it yet? It’s coming really soon! More good news are coming, including a new title out at the end of the month, so stay tuned. I’m off Day Job so I’m working on multiple projects at the same time, LOL!

Now I’m going back to my neverending TBR pile of books (both ebooks and paperbacks) and my next writing project… have a great week!

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  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  20/10/2021

    Glad you got those paperbacks sorted, and the writing is going well. Good luck with the reading pile. LOL!

    I didn’t make as much progress with reading as hoped this week, but I did get a decent amount of hours in. It’s only that what I’m currently reading is an epic fantasy and rather long that I didn’t finish it. With writing all I did was get the Kindle version of”Tedi And The Soothing Snow” uploaded and available to buy, and get the announcement for that – and the fact Smashwords sent it out to the other retailers – posted on my blog. I had planned to do more than that, but it was impossible to do much with Lilie and Izabel racing around like mad things (Izabel being my Mam’s dog who we had for the weekend) and Logan trying to use me to hide him from them so they’d stop running him over and jumping on him. I felt really sorry for Logan, but can’t help finding it funny, especially since both girls combined are about the same size and weight as him on his own, and yet he was the one seeking protection… You’d think it would have been little Izi. LOL!

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    • Glad you’re having fun with the pets, even if they steal from your writing and reading time! 🙂
      Today I didn’t write at all, juggling all those other projects (prepping the title for publication and the rebranding of a series for a future date), but tomorrow I’m actually going back to that novel that hasn’t been sent to the beta reader yet, because it’s not quite done yet, LOL! Then I’ll write a short story related to it before moving on to book 2. Fun fun!

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