Wednesday Weekly Roundup

This week’s big announcement is… publishing news! Please welcome my latest baby, first of three that will come out in the coming weeks! And since the WP dashboard is fighting me, check the blurb on the publisher’s page, sigh.

For now there’s the ebook only, I’m waiting for book 2 and 3 to come back from Mighty Editor, then I’ll prepare all three paperbacks and they’ll come out with the last ebook in October. Oh, and I made a new series page for urban fantasy if you want a preview of the other books and what’s next.

And we’re approaching the end of my Kickstarter campaign – next Wednesday it will be over – with not yet 50% funding. Check it out one last time, even 1euro will do, and share it with your friends. I’m happy it was a short one because the stress was… interesting! 🙂

Now, since you can see how many Kickstarters I’ve backed on my own, let me give you a rundown on the ones that are still active at this time. Check them out and possibly give them some love. Good reading stuff all over the place!

Relics of the Ancients: a space opera adventure trilogy because what’s not to love about space opera adventure?

Spade/Paladin Conundrums: A Kickstarter Campaign I normally don’t read mystery, but I’ve been to a number of sci-fi convention… imagining a mystery at the next Worldcon tickled my curiosity (I do hope to get to Chicago next year, 10 years after my first worldcon, same place)! 🙂

The Gripping Fireheart Fantasy Series because who doesn’t love some fantasy? A smaller project that needs your help, much like mine! 🙂 Also, the author is European like me! 😀

End of the Line Another European author (or at least based in Europe) rebooting a disaster novel set in the Arctic. So check them out and give them some love, especially the European ones! 😉

Last week I did some writing (a little over 7K), but again, a lot of non-writerly stuff, trying hard not to get used to no-DayJob schedule. It was only two weeks after all. Plenty of time to reschedule my life in a couple of years or so – hopefully.

I also did a lot of thinking on what to do next, but I’m clearly not ready for Very Important Decisions yet. So I’m going to finish the year by writing shorter works, and will publish a couple more themed collections of originals, then next year we’ll see.

The next longer work can be serialized, but Kindle Vella is still US only at this time and I’m not sure Patreon would work as a subscription place. I will have to research how to bring it to you regularly before I start publishing it. I have also considered starting my own magazine (best way to serialize that project), but I’m not sure I can keep it going for longer than my old, photocopied stuff yet.

Maybe I will try to figure out what my strength are. This podcast was enlightening on many things. Maybe I will take the CliftonStrengths assessment next weekend.

This week is back to work with physiptherapy Mon.Wed.Fri afternoons, so probably less time to write. I’m just going to take it easy on myself, since my body is getting old and achy! 😉

Last announcement: my Jedi twin has a collection of short stories out! Check it out – you might have already read him in my curated anthologies, but this is all him! 🙂 Who doesn’t want to know what happens in The Record Store at the Edge of the Time Stream? 😉 Have a great week! 😀


  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  15/09/2021

    Congratulations on the new release. I did see about it on Smashwords, and it’s in my cart waiting for me to grab my copy. Might just wait until all three are out and grab them together.

    I pledged a couple of Euros with the bit that said about backing it because I believe in it and not for any reward. It’s not much, but maybe it will make a difference… You never know, my couple of Euros might eventually be the difference between it meeting the goal and not. 😉

    My wordcount total for last week was just under 3K in the end. Not as much as yours, but considering I wrote close to 5K in the last two weeks, which is more than I’d written in the past several months combined, and since I’m mostly working on finishing stories I started last year and before but didn’t finish (other than that one sci-fi story I ended up starting) so a chunk of my writing time had to be spent reading what had been written before to see what had been going on up until the point I left things, I’m happy with it. I’m planning to do the edits on the story I finished up first this week, so will be ready with the details for the cover for that one soon, with plans to publish it as soon as it’s ready (so the very end of September or start of October, I hope). Hoping to be able to get the next in line ready to be published just before the holidays, since it’s a Christmasy themed story. If I keep up what I started in these last few weeks I’ll have it finished long before then, but will probably just schedule the release for early December anyhow because of the theme.

    Hope the physio is helping.


    • I thought of putting up the assetless pre-order on Smashwords (not doing pre-orders on Amazon anymore, since they stay pre-orders forever), but then I forgot… I don’t think you can add them to your cart anyway, so stay tuned.
      Thank you for your pledge. If only my FB friends pledged 1euro each, I’d have already funded. But I’m not going to beg them or tag them or anything like that. If it funds, fine, if it doesn’t, I’m in for the experience.
      Good job on the wordcount! I just found an anthology with an interesting theme, so I’m all ready to go for the shiny new thing, LOL! But I need some research first, so I’ll stick to the current story for now. Probably by the weekend I’ll have written both, though…
      Early to say, but the guy who does the physio looks like he knows what he’s doing. We’ll see.

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      • Victoria Zigler

         /  15/09/2021

        No, you can’t add Smashwords pre-orders to the cart. It’s fine… I can wait. Still got a couple of your books to read, and loads by other authors too, so plenty to keep me busy while I do wait. 😉

        Glad the physio guy seems to know what he’s doing.

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