Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Big announcement first, right? Well, my first Kickstarter is now LIVE! Go check it and give it some love, or share it with your friends! 🙂

I’m quite excited about this new adventure and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed preparing it. It’s a new experience and I look forward to seeing how it pans out!

Last week I managed almost 8K between the Kickstarter prepping, the workshops (all done now) and some errands (including doctors visits).

This week is quite busy too, but hopefully I’ll manage my 10K this time. After all I’m at the office in the mornings, usually, so it’s not much different. And I have a book to format and publish as well.

After all those workshop, I’m now happy again to write and publish. I have fun writing and I enjoy making covers, hitting those “publish” buttons isn’t that hard anymore. So it doesn’t matter if I’m publishing into the void for another year or ten, I’m doing it for myself.

Please read Kris Rusch’s post on International Growth, but mostly the article she links to in her blog – one of the reasons I write in English even if I’m not a native. The USA has just 6% of the world’s 5.2billion internet users… so hello readers from other countries! 🙂

I still read fiction on Kindle (because I can change the font size and it feels like reading on paper, I can’t read on a phone or computer screen) and non-fiction on paper, but other people might have different reading habits.

I still print out my manuscripts to edit them (or when I get them back from Mighty Editor), because I can’t read on screen for long. And I try to read my own paperbacks because often I find more typos that escaped both mine and Mighty Editor’s eyes.

But I’m an elder reader with sight problems. I used to be short-sighted, now I’m also slightly near-sighted, sigh. That’s why I’ll probably never go back to my beads jewelry and I will give all the material I still have to a younger woman (I already found her, so don’t ask! 😉 Eventually she’ll get all my crafts materials).

Now I better go back to the writing desk. Those stories aren’t going to write themselves! Have a great week!


  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  08/09/2021

    Congratulations on the kickstarter. And awesome that you got those workshops done. I should schedule in some “school” time to catch up with the courses and workshops I gathered. Most of them are fairly short ones I could easily do in a few hours, but there are a lot of them.

    Sorry things are becoming more difficult for you with your sight. You know, you can do most crafts with low or no vision. It just takes a lot more patience and some adaptations to the way you work.


    • yes, I know one can do craft things with no sight at all (Vic is till in my unicorns collection!), but maybe I’ll concentrate on things that have more to do with writing and drawing. Whenever I manage my early retirement, that is.
      Now going to check a few other Kickstarters that are going along with mine… I’ll post those links next week! 🙂

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      • Victoria Zigler

         /  08/09/2021

        Fair enough. And glad to hear he’s still safe among your other unicorns. 🙂

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