Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And for my brag shelves, I give you the anthologies I was in lately! Check out both the Blaze Ward Presents series and the Curated Anthologies series for more titles! 🙂 Both are available in ebook and paperback! 🙂

Write-wise I wrote less than 8K last week, but seemingly wrapped the trilogy. I’m going through it this week, so I probably won’t be writing much until today, although I might catch up with wordcount between tomorrow and the weekend.

I’ve been suffering from impostor syndrome lately, or maybe it’s Terminological Inexactitude Syndrome? I mean, writing is not a “real” job, is it? One cannot make a living with it? I don’t know, some things fit, some don’t, maybe the diagnostics are all wrong…

Which means that once again I don’t fit into any box! 🙂 Neither does my writing, apparently, or it wouldn’t be so hard to sell. Sigh. The link above is a fun read anyway! 🙂

Last day to back the Kickstarter for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive! We have unlocked that sixth stretch goal, so we’ll get that “Pop-Up: Can I Sell Without Promotion?”! And lots of other goodies… 🙂

I’m getting a slight addiction to TikTok… the new phone had the app installed, so opening the account wasn’t hard. I even found a thingy to make videos from scrolling webpages, so some of my videos are just that. It hasn’t brought any sales yet, but then, I’m doing it for fun right now.

But mostly I spend a lot of time watching videos (with no sound) amd I found out that if I hit the ❤ A) I can find them again later and rewatch them and B) it refines the algorithm and it will show me more videos I might like – can’t tell how many crap videos I saw before I managed to refine the search! 😀

Anyhow, it’s been fun… until it lasts. That’s all for today from still too hot Rome, Italy… have a great week! 😀



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  12/08/2021

    If there’s someone you like videos of as a rule, there’s also a subscribe button (I think it’s shaped like a bell…? It’s near the name of the channel on the video page) which will give you notifications when those people upload new content. Just in case you’re interested in knowing that. I don’t put much on there, and mostly what I put up is pet videos, but I have a YouTube channel. It’s far from popular… I’ve got something like 11 subscribers… But it exists.

    I almost got some writing time this week, but one of my narrators was done early, so I ended up spending it listening to the poems to see if I could approve the final audio (which I was able to do, if you’re interested in knowing, so now we wait to see if it goes through the system’s checks too).

    Imposter syndrome is a frequent visitor in my life. I give it some kind of treat (yesterday I baked banana cupcakes with root beer icing, for example) and we have a little pitty party together, which generally shuts it up for a while.

    Thankfully it’s been much cooler here. Though I wish it would make up its mind between warm and dry and cold and wet. Since it’s not getting hot, I’m fine with either, but when it keeps changing literally within a few hours it messes with my asthma (it takes me a day or so to adjust to different weather, so if it changes to frequently I don’t get time to adjust before it changes again) so it’s a good thing I don’t really go anywhere, or I’ll cause panic, since people will be panicking every time I cough.


    • Yes, I know I can follow someone on TikTok, but besides my friend Cristina and Khabi Lame, I’m not following anyone, not even celebrities (I saw Will Smith at some point). I’m just random-liking videos I like, mostly of dancers of every part of the world, but not someone in particular – yet. And I have 4 followers, yay! 🙂
      We’re still in the 35°C here, but hopefully by the weekend temperatures will go down a little. Fingers crossed. At least to be able to sleep at night.
      Very few words written this week, but it was expected. Now I better go reading that Book 3 so I can get on with the whole thing (hopefully some writing time in the weekend)! 🙂

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  12/08/2021

    I meant to say I only know because it’s similar to YouTube, and I have an account on there, but apparently the first half of the sentence got lost somewhere between my brain and the keyboard. LOL! Anyway, as long as you know, that’s OK. 🙂

    Ugh about your continued scorching temperatures. Hope they don’t last much longer, and that we don’t get any more of those kinds of temperatures any time soon.

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