Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And here’s a new title, the last for the summer! I’m taking August off except for another collaboration anthology still in the works. Here’s my historical time travel stories, some very nice experiments to prepare myself to the next project – when the Urban Fantasy Trilogy is finished, that is!

Lost in History A collection of original stories with reenactors or tourists lost in time, through portals or timeslips, from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century, in Europe, India or the United States.

A Real Tournament (12th century France)

Living History (12th century England)

The Pink City (19th century India)

Stranger Than a Movie (19th century U.S.A.)

Jazz Times (20th century U.S.A.)

I have started on the third book of the Trilogy – actually the middle one. Again, I’m changing how I write, I never wrote so badly out of order before! But since I’m not publishing anything until I have written all the books, I should be fine. I’m only 10K in, but I’ll probably pick up speed next week.

I have a couple of friends who are on Kindle Vella. It’s available only to US authors and customers at this time, but eventually (and when I’m ready, which is definitely not now!) I might be able to get on it too. For those who don’t know, it’s to read serialized things.

So, if you’re in the US, first check out Debbie Mumford, who has quite a few things there! 🙂


Prentiss Twins: White Buffalo:

Confessions of a Teenage Tree Sprite:

Then don’t miss Circus Galaxus by Dirk Walvoord about a trickster hero in the deadly world of the ultimate gladiator game show.

Last week was cooler and with plenty of thunderstorms, but I doubt the heat wave is over. I’m still better off than people in Germany and Belgium with floods or in California with fires. We’re destroying the planet, no wonder it’s trying to shake us off!

I’m experimenting with TikTok, but I don’t like making videos with my phone, so I’ll probably stop soon. It doesn’t look like I’m going viral yet – not that I care. Like Instagram, when I’m fed up with it, I’ll just leave it out there. Or maybe close the account, since I don’t really follow anyone – except Khabi Lame.

Oh, well, we’ll see… Since it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to travel much this year either, the rest of my vacations I will use to for more online workshops. I might be able to finally set up a Kickstarter, if I finish watching the videos! 🙂 If you’re interested, it’s free.

And I also have another online workshop to do whenever I get off DayJob again. So, plenty to keep myself busy even if I can’t get out of Italy – or move around it much.

A couple of interesting Kickstarters: Pulphouse Fiction Magazine subscription drive (hint: I might have a story in the coming issues as well) and Starbarian Saga, a fun project by my friend Robert Jeschonek! Check them out and have a wonderful week!



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  21/07/2021

    More stories to add to the Barbathon. Thanks for giving me lots of short-ish reads to help me catch up with my reading goal a bit. LOL! I’m half way through “Before Future Earth” and I’ve been buying those sci-fi stories bundles, so have those to read too (though I’ll be pausing the Barbathon after the Future Earth bundle I’m currently reading, because I’ve been promising someone since he announced his book’s release date several months ago that I’d be reading and reviewing it quickly after it came out, and it came out Monday) and then I’ll grab these story collections when I get a chance to after that. I think I’m caught up besides that? At least I have time to catch up while you’re taking a publishing break. 😉

    We’re having our heatwave right now. It’s hot enough that the met office has issued it’s first ever Amber alert severe weather warning for heat in the UK (the only others we’ve ever had have been storm warnings). Even the nighttime temperatures are in the high teens, and it’s getting up to the 30s by lunch time. The only time of the day I’m not feeling like I’m melting and suffocating is first thing in the morning when the sun hasn’t been up long enough for temperatures to get much above 20 yet. Like you said, the planet’s had enough of us mistreating it and is fighting back. They say it’s going to break Friday some time, and we’ll have a cooler stormy weekend. I sure hope so! Unfortunately, they also say we’re going to get another heatwave in August. 😦


    • Yes, you’ll probably catch up by the time the urban fantasy trilogy comes out in September or later. Still unsure about release dates and I don’t have the covers yet (although I don’t plan on doing pre-orders anyway, since those never actually worked for me and on Amazon it’s a hassle to update a title that used to be on pre-order years ago – I’ve seen it with the vampires book, so no more!)
      We had a few days of respite from the heat, but now it’s 33°C at lunchtime again. Sigh. Yesterday I miraculously got home in half an hour because both buses passed almost immediately. Some times it takes me one hour or more to make those same 5km… and in the heat I’m definitely not walking half the way! 🙂
      We shall make it through another long hot summer. Hang in there!


      • Victoria Zigler

         /  21/07/2021

        I’ve noticed pre-orders don’t seem to do much myself. I think they only work if you want to have links to make sure posts go up as the book goes live, or if you have a big following of people who will be so eager to grab your book they’ll pre-order it and then tell their friends to do the same. The first might potentially apply to us, but I think we’ve got some way to go for the second. 😉

        Glad you didn’t have to wait too long out in the heat today. And I don’t blame you for not wanting to walk in the heat. Yes, we’ll make it through this Summer, and breathe a sigh of relief when we head in to Autumn and know Winter is coming.

        Argh! I can’t say, “Winter is coming,” without thinking of Game of Thrones any more. So annoying! I mean, it was a good book, but that’s seriously irritating…


        • Should I be happy that Game of Thrones is still on my pile of paperbacks to read? 😉


          • Victoria Zigler

             /  21/07/2021

            LOL! Oh, it’s definitely worth a read. The TV show isn’t all that fantastic (not bad, but not really great either, and I think they should have waited until they had the whole series of books to work from before doing it) but the books are definitely very good reads in my opinion, and I for one am glad I read them. It’s just annoying that I literally can’t think or say, “Winter is coming,” without feeling like I’m making a Game of Thrones reference. 😉


            • Well, one day… I got that paperback in 2008 from Forbidden Planet in London – and it’s only book 1!😜

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