Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And the brand new collection of original stories is out! Check these Lands of Wonder part of a new series of original short stories!

Five original stories to visit Otherside, Elsewhere, Silvery Earth and alternate future timelines of Earth. Travel to these magical, weird or hyper-technological places with the characters.

Can they find their way back? Do they even want to? Do they have any choice in the matter?

Portals can be tricky like that.

Enjoy these travels through time and places, a batch of fantasy portals that even gives a preview to the coming Duology. It’s available also in paperback!

I went back to Book 2 on Thursday as I traveled to cooler places for a few days and ended up writing almost 7K by Sunday, which is more that I wrote in the previous three weeks put together, LOL!

Writing the epilogue this week and a couple more things in this world. Editing is still scheduled for September, so you won’t see any of it before then.

You know I don’t like to give writerly advice because I grew up in the age of the typewriter and changed my ways and what I want to write many times in 40+ years. But if you want a 10-year summary, head off to Chuck Wendig’s who has one lesson for the ten years in the writing mines.

Also, if you’re still afraid to put yourself out there, check Kris Rusch’s latest post on fear and all writers. I still struggle in finding my bookshelves on the various retailers because I don’t follow trends, but I keep publishing because I enjoy the process of writing those stories, creating covers for them and putting them out there. Eventually my audience will find me.

If you write for younger audience, you might want to consider joining TikTok – it’s taking the book industry by storm. It seems to be working well for sci-fi romance too… I doubt my readers are on TikTok, so I shall pass for now. I have enough dealing with Facebook and its Page antics.

I mentioned last week that there were changes at BundleRabbit… a brand new name and a brand new site! Folks, welcome PubShare! I’m still studying the new dashboard, but it’s not as bad as WordPress! πŸ˜‰ Soon you’ll get the results with a brand new curated anthology. Stay tuned!

The heat is already frying my brain, so not much else to say. Back to writing and putting together that anthology. Have a great week! πŸ™‚



  1. Barb, I started writing on an electric typewriter myself. Even used a 0(manual for awhile. But no standing up while I wrote as Ernest Hemingway did. Whatever possessed him to do that anyway? πŸ™‚


    • yes! Manual typewriter for me too, but I learned to type with ten fingers on an electric typewriter, so I’m a typist! πŸ™‚ And no standing up either, no idea what possessed him either… my back would kill me if I did! πŸ˜€


  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  08/07/2021

    Awesome about the new release. I really will catch up with buying and reading your books again soon, honest. But time keeps getting away from me, and every time I start being able to function again the hot weather comes back, which only makes the time thing worse. *sigh*

    I know some of my potential readers might be on TicTok, but I don’t know that I want to add another social media thing to my list of places I’m trying to be active on. Unfortunately discoverability and time management sometimes have a conflict of interest.

    I had a typewriter. Actually, I’ve had two different manual typewriters. The first one I’m not too sure what happened to it, since I was about 10 or so and can’t really remember (though I think it was just the ribbon ran out, I didn’t have a way to easily get it replaced, I had a computer I could use that the school had given me for doing schoolwork on, so I started using that and the typewriter was a casualty of my parents purging things I clearly wasn’t using) and the second one got damaged being shipped back to the UK from Canada, and it was going to cost too much for it to be replaced for me to consider it worth doing (especially since about that time I was starting to struggle to see the font it did and needing the larger fonts on computers anyhow).


    • I know, time flows weirdly these days, and not just for Millennials like you. I had mom’s manual typewriter, then an electric typewriter, but being a typist and not looking, I ended up outside the sheet, so I was very happy when the first word processor came out! My first PC had a B&W screen because I used it as a typewriter! I graduated to color screen when the 56K modem came along and I got internet…
      No rush to catch up. Since you’re the only one who is probably enjoying these updates, know that the Duology might indeed be a trilogy, with a prequel/ book zero if it does well, and an attached collection like the above with shorter stories. As I wrapped book 2 I came up with ideas for book 3, so there! πŸ˜€

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  3. v

     /  15/07/2021

    Look at my post


    • Nice analysis, V. I’m not trying to catch likes, though, or I’d be on all social media platforms. Just trying to reach my readers, although I feel like I’m often writing into the void. And I used a lot of conspiracy theories in my stories! 😏 Like Harari said in Homo Deus, we’re now dependent on algorithms that are ruling most of our lives, be them mass media or socials. Welcome to the future. Don’t let it rule you.

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