Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Because the Italian version of Edwyn Blackmore had more success than the English one, I’m going to take a break from publishing in English until June (after the next title, that is – you’ll get A Taste of Silvery Earth next week, then the Portals Collection and the end of June).

I have plenty of stories that I will never translate because I don’t want to rewrite them – I have many more new ones to write without wasting time on old ones. But since my friends liked them when I wrote them in the 1990s, I thought why not publish them in ebook format with my other Italian pen name (the one I use for the stories I wrote at the end of the 20th century)?

So I spent the weekend making covers – 5 of them – with some kind of branding for this short new “series” that will be added to two more similar titles under that pen name. I’ll revamp the Italian blog with one page for those stories under both pseudonyms, so readers can find them easily. We’ll see how it goes.

Last week I wrote over 10K, so rest assured that the Portals Collection and the other books coming out in English after that will be worth the wait! 🙂 I plan also on doing a couple of collaboration anthologies, so you can read and discover other authors under the same theme.

Also, June 1st I’ll send out the bi-monthly newsletter, with a free download of Books of the Immortals – Fire. You can still subscribe on the publisher’s page and get The Two Toriks when you sign up and then the free book every two months. I’m still pondering if I should write more often, so maybe I’ll do a poll in the next newsletter! 🙂

This week I’m editing and formatting and writing another story for the Portals Collection workshop. There’s a Kobo promo (Canada only) coming up, but it will be announced on the publisher’s page or on my Facebook page.

I’m approaching my 2500th blog post… what should I do to celebrate? After searching the WordPress help for where the hell they put the poll block, I finally found it, so please vote in the poll below, it’s completely anonymous! 🙂

I think the previous versions of polls looked cuter, but whatever… I guess I’ll have to live with the updates. Sigh. Have a great week! 🙂



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  19/05/2021

    Well, at least your books are doing well in Italian. It’s a step in the right direction to that authorly success plan. 🙂

    Since I’m finally starting to feel relatively human, and sometimes actually get breaks from the headache now, I actually managed to have a productive week. Even wrote a couple of new poems again just because they happened to come to me. No story writing, but I did think about it a few times, and might have had I not been trying to catch up on online things I got behind on, organizing craft supplies, and helping my Mam sort out the chaos that her spare room is in so she can get packed (she’s hoping to move in the near future, so needs to organize and pack what she can while she waits for the move, but is struggling to manage it on her own, so I got roped in to help, since I’m not very good at saying no, so she knew I would if she asked). I have enough poems that I could publish a short pet themed collection and longer general collection now, but I need to decide on a title for the general collection. Plus, I don’t have covers for them, so they’ll have to wait until I can organize someone to sort those… It’s times like this I wish the friend who helped so much with my early covers wasn’t in a position where he no longer can, because I used to just need to mention needing covers to him, he’d ask what I was thinking of in terms of titles and designs, and they’d show up in my inbox. Anyway, at least I did get to write a little, and I caught up on the online stuff pretty well, so it was a good and productive week. Maybe soon I can start actually working on some story writing again… That would be nice. Of course, I also badly need to catch up on my reading, but with improvements in the headache, that shouldn’t be too difficult, so I’m crossing my fingers that I can achieve my goal of firmly putting writing time back in my schedule starting in June.


    • You know I love making covers…drop me a line in terms of titles and designs, and I’ll be your new cover-making-friend! 😉 I’ll even have a look at your Smashwords page to make sure the branding is more or less consistent! 😀
      Here’s to you writing new stories soon. June is very close, so fingers crossed!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

     /  19/05/2021

    That would be awesome… Thanks! 🙂 I know you enjoy making covers, but I’m always reluctant to ask.


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