Wednesday Weekly Roundup

A bundle so packed full of science fiction,
we had to assemble it in orbit.

Over twenty authors have joined the International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers (IASFA) in a massive book bundle to warp the space-time of readers everywhere.

IASFA Book Bundles are a way for people to discover quality books written by popular authors. You know how it’s always hard to find something good to read? IASFA can help solve that with monthly free book promotions as well as through a massive Book Bundle like this.

The Science Fiction Book Bundle! From fantastic worlds to scowling spaceship commanders, from exploration to colonization to alien contact. There is something for everyone and probably your next favorite Science Fiction author can be found right here. Weโ€™ve compiled a bunch of hot titles and can offer them in a bundle for much less than a dollar each. Take a look and see what there is to see.

Books included:

Battlenaut Crucible By Robert Jeschonek
Cartwrightโ€™s Cavaliers By Mark Wandrey
Cygnus Rising By Craig Martelle
Day 115 on an Alien World By Jeannette Bedard
Emergence By Jacki Rawlinson
Forced Conversion By Donald J. Bingle
Forced Vengeance By Scot C. Morgan
Freedom By Fire By C.P. MacDonald
Ghost Probe By Craig A. Price
Hurt U Back By Tim Taylor
Janissaries By Chris Kennedy
Kaine’s Sanction By D.M. Pruden
On Station By J. Clifton Slater
Quinn of Cygnus: Lift Off By AM Scott
Salvage Title By Kevin Steverson
Standing the Final Watch By William Alan Webb
Star Compass By Anthea Sharp
Super-Sync By Kevin Ikenberry
The Chemical Mage By Felix Savage
The Chronicles of Jegra: Gladiatrix of the Galaxy By Tristan Vick
The Earth Concurrence By Julia Huni
Thief (Star Minds Lone Wolves) By Barbara G. Tarn
Tribari Freedom Chronicles By Rachel Ford
Uprising By Jerry Shepard
Warrior Wench By Marie Andreas

The International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors (IASFA) is a professional organization focused on aligning readers with authors. We are building the organization that currently numbers over 600 authors published within the SFF genres and growing. Stay tuned as each month weโ€™ll offer full book samplers for free along with less frequent paid book bundle promotions. Help yourself to find your next favorite author by joining the IASFA newsletter.

The Science Fiction Book Bundle will be available from March 15th thru April 4th.


And now we’re back to your scheduled programming… I can’t tell you how excited and humbled I am of being in such company! ๐Ÿ˜€ I personally met two of those awesome authors (Robert Jeschoneck and Craig Martelle) and I know they’re all (the 19 of them) excellent storytellers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Go check that bundle if you love sci-fi space opera! And if you’re not familiar with my Star Minds Universe, this is a very good way of grabbing a discounted book along with many more! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, in my enthusiasm of having more or less tamed the WordPress Newsletter plug-in and wanting to inform my newly found subscribers of the above, I sent the welcome email with the free story and the IASFA bundle link two days in advance to the first eight awesome people who accepted the subscription (including Joleene Naylor)… sorry if that link wasn’t live yet on Friday night!

And then I realized (thanks to Tori) that the welcome emails were sent automatically – again with the link to the bundle before it went live. Apologies about that.

There are still glitches, apparently, so if you couldn’t download the PDF (again, thanks, Tori, for pointing it out), reply to the welcome email and I’ll send it over. Hopefully the problem is fixed and the new subscribers won’t have problems with the download.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, and want a free story that won’t be available for sale while you wait for the official newsletter #1 coming out for the 10th anniversary of Books of the Immortals – Air (April 1), you can still do it at the publisher’s page (couldn’t copy-paste the sign-up thingy anywhere else, sorry).

Last week I wrote almost 13K, finished book 1 and started on book 2 when I got the news that Rome and Latium will be in lockdown until Easter again. Sigh. One year later and we’re still at this point. What bothered me the most last year was the long lines at the supermarkets. Hopefully it won’t be so this year – and I’ll still go to work every day.

Anyhow, since I can’t move in the real world, I’m going to travel with my characters until Easter. They’re lucky to be able to move in the pandemic-ridden world, LOL! I planned my vacation time for the whole year, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to move around much anyway.

The Easter week I’ll have to work from home anyway, prepping that newsletter, some paperbacks and other publishing stuff, but I would have loved to be able to meet with my cover artist. We used to do creative weekends, then weekends became off-limit, so I hoped I could have lunch with her during the week, since I’m off DayJob, but no siree, we’re in lockdown, no moving around in Rome! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Vaccines (not enough of them) are for the over-80, medical staff, teachers and immunosuppressed people like my colleague Marco who’s been working from home for a year, and despite the vaccine doesn’t know when he’ll be able to come back to the office. My father had his shot yesterday, my mother postponed to the end of April just in case he reacts badly.

Hope things are going better on your side of the world and we’ll soon be able to travel again. I mean, I don’t mind traveling through Google Maps and Wikipedia, but sometimes just going somewhere and actually meet people instead of reading Quora answers on places is better. And I’m an introvert! ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all for today… have a great week!


  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  17/03/2021

    You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We’re meant to be slowly easing out of the most current lockdown. Even without lockdown I’d be restricted right now though, and it doesn’t look like writing will happen after all, since even writing this is tough. Shut my hand in a car door and now can’t use it for several weeks. Luckily only minor damage: minor crack on the bone of my middle finger. Typing one handed is not easy – especially since it’s my right hand I damaged. That also means it’s my cane hand I damaged… Hard to go places when I can’t use my cane.

    Good news though: one parent had their vaccination this past Saturday, and the other gets it this coming Saturday.


    • I read about the hand accident on Facebook… wishing you a prompt recovery! ๐Ÿ™‚
      And glad to hear your parents are getting vaccines. Any hope for younger people in your side of the world yet? Over here it looks like we won’t get any until after the summer… so no travels until then, I guess! Sigh.


      • Victoria Zigler

         /  18/03/2021

        Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Yes. Actually, they’re doing disabled people and carers in my age group. I only found out because I got an invite to book mine in Hastings. Obviously can’t, so called my new doctor to explain what had happened. They said I was on the list here too, and should be contacted fairly soon. Only thing is, I won’t know until I go for it if I’ll get it, because I’ve had bad reactions to flu jabs (enough that I stopped havimg them, with doctor concent to do so). Asked about it while I had them on the phone, but was advised it was best to ask those doing the shot, and weigh the risks with them of Covid vs my reaction to flu jabs (both of which – if I get them – could range from mild symptoms to a hospital trip). So got to go all the way there for a shot I may not be able to have. Torn between hoping they get in touch quick so I can at least know, and hoping it’s not for another couple months so my hand can heal first.


        • Ouch about the flu shots, hope the vaccine works for you.
          Good news on my side, we’ll get a vaccine as a category of essential workers! Hopefully in the second half of the year I’ll be able to travel again, yay! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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