Wednesday Weekly Roundup

I’m going to start with the wordcount because it was low (the lowest of the year) but in the grander scheme of these past 10 years I’m doing just great, LOL! So, last week I wrote only 6.5K words and took the weekend off to ponder what I should do to celebrate these past ten years.

A quick recap is as follows:

2011-2014 I didn’t keep track of yearly wordcounts, so I can only count the published works: 1263600words (1.2million words)

2015: 402700words

2016: 468700words

2017: 347100words

2018: 535300words

2019: 533100words

2020: 588800words

2021: 74595words so far

Grand total: 2850295words (almost 3 million words, which I’ll hit sometime this year for sure) for 2015-2021, with the most written during the pandemic year (when I couldn’t travel and the only thing I could do was writing, a good way of traveling with my imagination, since the body was stuck, LOL!)

So, instead on concentrating about hitting that goal of wordcount again, I’m going to concentrate on revamping the first titles for this year – while still writing new stuff, of course. I need to find new readers for those 4 million words, LOL!

I’ll probably restart the newsletter soon (you can already subscribe on the publisher’s page) and I’m pondering what to give you, the reader, to entice you to subscribe! 😉

It will still be bi-montly, like it used to be between 2015 and 2019, but no more on MailChimp. I’m trying the WordPress Newsletter plug-in, and I’m currently studying it. Stay tuned for news!

Monday I checked the file that I got back from the editor and then yesterday I went back to the novel I had interrupted to write a few assignments. Hopefully the wordcount will rise again this week! More good news coming this month, but I can’t say much just yet. Again, stay tuned.

Back to writing and creating! Have a great week! 🙂


  1. That’s an impressive number of words. I never keep track of wordcounts properly, but I’m pretty sure I can safely say you’ve written more this year so far than I have in the last two years combined.

    Good luck figuring out how the newsletter works.


    • the first years I added up the Smashwords wordcounts… really helps that they show it instead of page numbers like on Kindle! 😀
      I’m sure if you sum everything you’ve written since you started indie publishing, you won’t complain and will celebrate a neat number of words – way more than whoever still hasn’t published anything.
      One needs to be consistent, non necessarily prolific like me! 😉 And you’ll catch up! I wasn’t this prolific when I was your age, so… keep writing!


  2. True: my wordcount is much more impressive if you add my various publications together, and I have plenty of time to increase the number. 🙂


    • Exactly. Mine is a 10-year summary, and I’m older (although I might have started only slightly earlier than you, I had amassed a lot of writing before I started publishing)! 😉


  3. Some of what I’ve published was old stuff I revised and published too. One of the stories was originally written when I was about 10… It needed a lot of revising (as I’m sure you aren’t surprised to hear) and grew a lot during the process.

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  4. Shame I didn’t have copies of a lot of what I wrote in the early days… I’d have stuff from a couple of years before that otherwise.

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