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And we have a new title! Another prequel, before Future Earth Chronicles, again the apocalypse years but from the humans (and human symbionts) points of view. On the cover is Kaya, who invites a Terran neuroscientist in Rainbow Town Mount Mitchell (the one that is featured in Brainwaves, in case you have read the series).

The apocalypse years through the eyes of both Terrans and alien humans.
Neuroscientist Jacob Davies is invited to Rainbow Town by mysterious college mate Kaya Satsuko with a job offer he can’t refuse.

Suzzi hears her friends talking about vampires and asks to be assigned outside of Rainbow Town. She goes to work in Beijing where, along with Bao, she’ll have to tackle the venomous Asian vampires living in the area.

Yudi is the son of a Terran and an alien human who has followed his best friend to Mumbai. Ram hopes to break into Bollywood, but then he falls in love…

So, go grab Lockdown Origins at your favorite retailer. The paperback will be available with the omnibus in March. Stay tuned!

After reading David Gaughran’s post on covers, I went to peruse some premades… I’m just wondering why, in 2021, with an ongoing pandemic, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic covers still show a nuclear apocalypse like in the 20th century. Sigh.

Having researched gas masks for Breathe (that you can find in Breathe), I can also tell you that those filters don’t last, so they’re pretty much useless in a nuclear apocalypse. None of those covers would work for my Future Earth Chronicles, where the apocalypse is just a collapse of technology and power stations (see what’s happening in Texas without power)…

But then, I’m dealing mostly with Rainbow Towns, at least for now. Maybe eventually I’ll show the actual collapse outside of those underground settlements! Still, I doubt any of those covers would work for me anyway.

Moving on, an nice article on what the 2021 Facebook changes mean for authors. Now, my author page used to be a Fan Page, like they mention in the article, and I’m sick of having Facebook asking me if I’m hiring, if I’m giving Covid information, and if I have business hours. I’m an author, not a business yet!

The group connected to that page is now private and with no members, since I couldn’t find a way to close it. And I won’t ever use Facebook ads or even Facebook Live, but YMMV. So, thank you for following this blog (if you like my blathering) or follow the publisher’s page if you want to know only when a new book is out.

I still haven’t studied the Newsletter WordPress plugin and I’m not ready to go that way just yet, so you’ll have to bear with me on this very blog or the above page for now! πŸ˜‰

And before I forget, last week I wrote a little over 8K until Friday, then the weekend was off writing for various reasons. 1) I screwed up the latest story and will need to rewrite it, but it doesn’t have a close deadline, so I had to push it to the side because 2) I got another call with a much closer deadline so I had to concentrate on that instead.

By Monday afternoon another 2.5K were down, though, so I guess the 10K are done! Moving on to the next project (or rewriting that story, it was an experiment and it was a failure, so back to the drawing board! πŸ˜‰ )!

A year ago at this time I was in Vegas at the Anthology Workshop where I sold a story that will come out this year around Halloween… and that was my last international/intercontinental trip. We’re back to semi-lockdown and I won’t be able to travel through Italy either, so I won’t attend a good friend’s wedding in Piedmond. Sigh.

We shall travel again, though! Have a great week! πŸ™‚

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  1. I saw about the new book, and it’s on my list. πŸ™‚

    Maybe whoever makes the covers isn’t ready to face putting other versions of appocolyptic events in to images with them being so close to reality right now? Just a thought, since I know some people are finding creativity easier, and others are finding it harder, and some are focussing it anywhere but on anything linked to reality. Either that, or they just assume when you say, “appocolypse” you mean that kind of thing – or zombies. I bet there are plenty of zombie images out there you could grab if you wanted to.

    I didn’t do much writing related during the past week, though I picked a couple of my recent poems to include in an anthology I agreed to be part of, and finally got those sent out (deadline was February 28th, and I sent them out on the 20th, so I did it in plenty of time). So, counting the contest I submitted a poem for that you posted about, that’s two places I submitted something to this month. Although, I know it’s guaranteed publication with the anthology I sent the stuff over for on Saturday, since I was contacted back in January about whether I’d participate in it. Between offline things I needed to deal with (including waiting around for gas men, and trying for three hours solid to get through to a doctors surgery to deal with things that needed to be done to get us registered with our new doctor) and a virtual crafting session via Zoom I joined in with on the weekend, I haven’t really had time to do more than that.


    • I meant to tell you these 3 will come out as single volume next month, so you should grab that one directly. It will be titled Before Future Earth Chronicles (Omnibus) and will have also the paperback (which is not for you, but you better grab that e-book instead – cheaper, also considering that Book 3 has a revised version of Mumbai Dreams and you’re one of the two people who read the original). So don’t grab the single books, but the omnibus that will arrive next month, okay?
      Yeah, I don’t know about apocalypse covers, but I don’t have zombies either, LOL! I have vampires, though, except those don’t seem to go along with apocalypse stories. That’s why it’s so hard to tag that series and find the correct shelf for the readers to find it! πŸ˜‰
      I’m sure when life will stop getting in the way you’ll get back to writing. Well done for what you have achieved so far in this shitty aftermath of a shittier year!


  2. OK. Got it. Will wait for the omnibus. πŸ™‚

    Good thing you’re an artist, so can sort out your own covers. πŸ˜‰ Though I don’t suppose that helps much with genre catagorization. But at least you can sort nice covers. πŸ™‚

    Thanks. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be back to writing properly again soon. Hopefully March will be quieter…


    • I don’t know about the UK but we can’t move around Italy until Easter… plenty of time to “work” on writing/publishing et all! πŸ™‚
      Hope it’s the same over there. Settle down and onward with the writing!:)


  3. Yeah, restrictions are still pretty tight until April over here, and some are in place right up until June (I think it’s June anyhow… There’s a long plan for getting us out of lockdowns for good, but the dates for Wales and England are slightly different on some things, and I can’t remember off the top of my head which dates belong to which country, and can’t be bothered to go look it up right now). And that’s assuming the slight lifting of them doesn’t cause a spike in cases, because if that happens things will get tightened up again. Unfortunately that doesn’t solve the problem of my own procrastination, or a certain person who thinks, “A quick chat,” means staying on the phone for five hours (I really wish I was exaggerating there).


  4. If we’re lucky, things will go to plan and everything will be opened up again this side of your birthday. Otherwise… Yeah, I guess it won’t be until next year. 😦


    • I’ve just read about European Health Passports… I wonder when we’ll actually have them and if Brexit UK will follow suit…


  5. I think the UK is considering something like that too. Though whether it’s one of those vague, “That’s an interesting option,” ideas, or actually something they’ll follow through on, is anyone’s guess right now.


    • Morpheus: There are some things in this world, Captain Niobe, that will never change.
      (The Matrix Reloaded)


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