Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote only 8K, but most of the weekend was spent editing after getting the manuscripts back from the editor. I’m kind of in-between projects as well, wrapping up a story and not sure if I want to continue what I had interrupted or start something else.

And I backed another sci-fi Kickstarter! 🙂 Yes, I might end up writing more sci-fi this year, and it won’t be in the Star Minds Universe. Or Future Earth Chronicles, for that matter. I wrote a hard SF story (still doing the rounds at traditional magazines) and I might explore that sort of future during the year.

I also somehow plan to write less and read more, LOL! Unfortunately, when I write a lot, I lose reading time (did I mention I’m a slow reader) to going through my own manuscripts, so… I will have to find a new balance this year. It might have to do with last year’s mess or my ever-changing moods or I’m evolving again as a writer, but I’m going to take it easy.

And here I’m saring Angela’s Tips for a Happier Writing Life, see if anything applies to you! 🙂 Also, you might want to start thinking long term. I definitely won’t be here in 50 years, but, like my friend’s, my writing might still be. So, where do you want to be long-term, say in 50 years?

The ten biggest literary stories of the year – a reminder of what 2020 was like. And a reminder that we’re still in the Technological Era… after sharing articles on GPT3, meet its artist brother, Dall-E, the OpenAI’s image generator. Ain’t it cool? I hope to integrate some of this tech in future sci-fi stories! 🙂

Now, I did mention I gave up on Goodreads long ago. It seems like this year a ton of bots have joined, so I reinstated the challenge questions. Despite that, friend requests keep coming with that “hi 51XXXXX” I don’t know where they got from. Sorry, “friends”, if you want to connect with me, it’s not on Goodreads that you’ll find me.

I should probably clean my friends list over there like I did with my Facebook private profile, quietly deleting people I never hear from and not accepting new friends unless we met in meatspace. Except I can’t be bothered going on Goodreads anymore, so I’ll just leave those people hanging and ignore them. Sorry.

Follow me on Bookbub instead, and I might soon share a reading recommendation (if it’s in their system, since I’m not very good at adding books that are not mine on that platform, LOL!). If you’re still following Audiblegate because you have audio books with them, here’s an update. Wishing you a wonderful week! 🙂



  1. I managed to get a bit of time to write a couple of poems (mainly because they came to me, so I stopped what I was doing to go write them down, but at least I did make the time to stop and go write them down) but I’m still unpacking and organizing things over here, so I haven’t yet done more than that. When I get a chance to sort it though, I’ll definitely have a large collection of poems to publish later this year. 😉 Soon I’ll be able to start working on establishing my writing routine again, and then I can start working on more than just poetry. For now though I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

    Even my reading time is slow right now, since it’s hard to listen to a book when I’m going from room to room putting things away, so I can’t just listen while I unpack as a rule (though I have been trying to when I know I’ll be in the same room sorting stuff for a bit) and most of my day is spent dealing with that or other things needing my full attention. I’m tiring myself out enough that I keep not reading for long before I get to the point where I know if I keep reading I’ll be falling asleep, so I’m not even getting as long for reading as usual in the evenings right now. Like with my writing it’s only temporary, and I’ll soon get caught up on my reading when we’re sorted and I can settle in to something resembling a routine though.

    I keep getting those kinds of friend requests on Goodreads too. I just tell it I don’t want to friend that person and move on. From what I can tell a lot of people are getting them. Just do what I do and don’t accept friend requests from anyone you don’t know in some capacity. People can just follow a Goodreads author without friending them, so if it’s a stranger who wants to follow you on there they can do so even if you’re being exclusive as to who you actually have as a friend on there.


    • RE: Goodreads, it’s something that started this year. So far I haven’t gotten any request with “hi #” (always the same number, I have no idea where they got it from), but I stopped accepting friends requests anyway.
      RE: writing, I think I’ll slow down this year, at least this month, since I don’t have a specific plan (unlike previous years) and I want to experiment, so we’ll see. I think today I’ll wrap the story I’m currently writing (meaning I’ll finish the chapter and then put it in a drawer for when I’ll have time to do the necessary research), and then I’ll start pondering the next project.
      A lot of my reading time goes into research or editing, so if I write less or at least less historical stuff that needs research (if I stick to certain eras, for example, I have already done the research), I can probably read more fiction.
      We’ll see. Like I already said a number of time, no great plans this year, and even if I have a slow start, I’m sure I’ll get to those 500K by the end of the year. And if I don’t, I’ll be happy anyway! 🙂 New year, different challenges, LOL!
      Happy writing!


  2. As long as you enjoy your writing time, and whatever reading time you get, that’s what really matters. 🙂


  3. Goodreads Wannabe Friends who greet with “hi 51XXXXX”
    Funny, 3 have vanished… they must have been reported to Goodreads. One more showed up, but I expect him to vanish with the other 3 and the first one is still there… wondering if I should report him…


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