Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote almost 14K, catching up on wordcount. Yearly has reached 485K, so very close to my goal. I should reach it in a couple of weeks if everything goes according to plans. These two weeks I’m off day job, but that doesn’t mean I have more time to write, since I have other stuff (including life) to do.

Again, I haven’t organized myself beforehand. This year has really screwed up with my schedules! πŸ˜‰ But I’m sure I’ll be able to do everything. Yesterday I went to the town center to pay my car insurance before they lock us down again. Compared to previous years, it was empty – no tourists, and lots of closed shops. Even the bus was mostly empty.

The only gathering I saw was in front of the Vittoriano – it looked like the police band was ready to play something. I didn’t get off to ask, as I didn’t ask what the 3 RVs were doing in Piazza Cavour since there was already half a dozen policemen checking them (and I was waiting for the bus to go home – didn’t want to miss it, since the app is not always useful).

Meanwhile, I put out Mortals Apocalypse! πŸ˜€ Please meet Claire, fledgling of Aoric, a new point of view in the vampires series. Also a new face, since she wasn’t mentioned before, unlike Miyako, who appeared in Kristine the Youngest. Both of them also appear in Future Earth Chronicles.

But she’s not the only point of view of this short novel. The main one is obviously Rajveer, since it all started with him back in 2015! πŸ™‚

Rajveer the vampire survived being buried for four hundred years in a cave in the Kashmir mountains, then learned to live in the 21st century with Kaylyn, Kris and Shashank. After the Battle of Chittor, back in 2015, he moved to Europe, where he hopes to see Kaylyn’s home country soon.

Rajveer, Kris, Ingolf, Miyako and Claire watch the mortals’ civilization collapse throughout the 21st century. They have the stamina to overcome all the threats the silly mortals are calling down upon themselves.

They face pandemics, cyberwars and a horde of Romanian bloodsuckers trying to take control of the world, with the younger ones (Kris, Miyako and Claire) hiding in the mysterious Rainbow Towns with strange mortals they cannot read and who have their own secrets.

From 2020 Rome to the start of the 22nd century, vampires through the centuries and across continents survive the mortals apocalypse and loss of technology.

My good and multi-talented creative friend Shafali Anand has started a podcast, “The Spinning Top”, and published a four-minute trailer. Do check it out. If you like it, do follow – she’ll be podcasting Tuesday and Friday evenings (episodes of 8 to 10 minutes.)

Here’s the link on Anchor:
If you use spotify, you can find it at:
My good friend Dirk Walwoord has put out a sci-fi novel, written in 2012, that reminds of the current situation in the US. It came out on election day, and you can now check it on Amazon. In his own words:
ARC is a story of a generational spaceship whose captain is an incompetent boob. It would be about Trump except the copyright is 2012. Who knew I could be so prescient?
And my award-winning friend David H. Hendrickson has his own Kickstarter! Check it out, especially if you’re in the US!

This campaign is to launch my next two short story collections, THE BOY IN THE BOXERS AND OTHER STORIES OF SWEET ROMANCE and HELL OF A BAND: TWELVE FANTASY STORIES. You can get both for just six dollars. There are also rewards with great discounts for my novels and other collections. There are even rewards for me speaking (in a post-COVID world) at your favorite school or other group. πŸ˜ƒ

Check it out for the discounted books or just the information or perhaps for no other reason than to ooh-and-ahh over the drop-dead-gorgeous covers. Then make fun of me talking on the video. 😜😜😜 I won’t admit to how many takes it took.

He’s a wonderful guy, so show him some love! πŸ˜€ You can read one of his stories in Future Earth Tech and I’m working on Nightly Bites Volume 3, and he graciously allowed me to publish another one of his stories there, so stay tuned for more!

Yes, I decided it was time to put some horror in our lives… er, some fantasy. Apparently vampires are fantasy, even in a futuristic setting. So I labeled Mortals Apocalypse both fantasy and sci-fi, just in case, LOL! Nightly Bites Volume 3 will hopefully be out at the beginning of December.

Meanwhile Old Facebook vanished from Laptop, but I read on Colleen Doran’s page that there’s an addon for Firefox that brings back the old look. Except you can’t edit anything on your page, as I discovered when I tried to update the vampires album. I have also Chrome on Laptop, so I used the new layout on Chrome to make the changes – although they’re still quite clunky, like pressing “enter” three times before it actually updated the post. Sigh.

Netbook with Windows 10 and Edge is still on Old Facebook. Go figure. When that changes too, I’ll take out the Firefox addon. I’d happily leave Facebook, if I didn’t have so many friends all over the world on there! I doubt I can ask them to migrate to some other forum… meh!

WMG is doing the last sale of the year for their workshops. I might grab the “How to deal with Covid in your writing” if they end up doing it as single, although I have already dealt with in in both Mortals Apocalypse and Future Earth Chronicles prequels.

I can proudly boast two alternate futures for our planet already! The space opera version of the Star Minds Universe, where we joined the Star Nations in 2012, and the post-apocalyptic version of Future Earth Chronicles, LOL! In one there’s no Covid, in the other there is… although it’s not the main cause of the apocalypse! πŸ˜‰

I guess yes, this will date our stories, but it might work for alternate histories to ignore it… I don’t know, I’m still writing about Earth, finishing the parts in the past (late 20th century, so not that far, I was alive, LOL!) and going back to the parts in the future (second half of the 21st century) for the Future Earth Chronicles prequels, so… still not sure what I’ll tackle next!

Now I better go back to writing and finishing the damn strip that is falling behind again! This coming Sunday is the last time I can tag the #FIBDChallenge, so wish me luck. I’d love to go back to AngoulΓ¨me, although I’m afraid 2021 probably won’t be possible. I’ll have to aim for 2022… fingers crossed! Have a great week! πŸ™‚

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  1. No writing for me. Been busy packing, trying to get through as many as possible of the DVDs in my to-watch pile so I can pack those, etc. But you probably figured I’d say something along those lines.

    I saw the new release was out, but obviously didn’t grab it yet, since there’s no book buying until after I move. Good thing I have all those other books to read while I wait for that to happen. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and you probably noticed, but I took a break from the Barbathon to read a couple of books I spacifically told people I was reading around Halloween. Just finishing the last of those, and then I’ll be heading to Future Earth. πŸ˜‰

    Seems like no matter the browser there’s some issue these days. It’s stupid really how technology is less reliable now than when it was all new… You’d think the advancements in it would make it more reliable rather than less. And people wonder why I would never trust them wiring a cybernetic eye to my brain. Well, there’s the fact it would be weird and require a lot of adjusting to get sight back now, but I’m also scared of what will happen when it crashes. And nobody’s going to be able to convince me that should be “if” rather than “when” because I use enough technology in my daily life to know sooner or later everything crashes, freezes up, stops working, requires an update that messes it up, or some combination of the above. If my brain’s going to be messed up, I’d like it to be just because it’s me, and not because some cybernetic eyeball fried it.


    • Mom keeps complaining me and my brother should declutter our homes (please note that my brother just moved from the old house to the new one. As for myself, I’ve been in this house for 25 years, so where’s the hurry?) before we lock down again. I find it really hard to declutter when I’m not motivated by a move. I don’t want to buy new furniture and throw away the old one when I’m thinking of leaving this house. I don’t care if mom’s gonna pay for it, I just don’t want to get rid of more stuff whenever I manage to get away from here! πŸ˜‰
      No hurry for further buys, I’m still writing the stuff, and might do some minor changes to whatever is already out there (although at this stage it’s easier to change the unpublished stuff, which I just did today when I realized I wrote something in Mortals Apocalypse that clashed with the current story – I changed the work-in-progress, not the published book). You can easily grab them all in January! πŸ™‚
      I hear you about the cyber-eye stuff. You never know when your enhancements will break. My eyes are sort of failing me too, but I don’t want to touch them, because I don’t trust them doctors or robotic surgeons, LOL! So yeah, leave us alone thank you. I might write about trans-humans and cyborg but I don’t want to be one! πŸ˜‰


  2. Totally get that about not wanting to declutter until you’re moving.

    Yes, I can catch up with getting them in January or something… Give us both something nice to start next year off with πŸ™‚ Good call on fixing the work in progress rather than the already published stuff.

    Exactly (regarding the cybernetic stuff).

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