Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote 11K, but didn’t wrap up the vampire book because on Sunday I was busy. On Monday I found a mistake in Rajveer the Vampire that nobody had noticed, so hopefully it wasn’t too bad, although it was repeated quite often – and I actually corrected the mistake when I wrote Kristine the Youngest, but I obviously didn’t reread the first book, LOL!

Anyhow, it’s corrected now (also on Shashank and Kaylyn, same mistake), and on November 2 – 5 years after the release of that first historical fantasy novel – you’ll be able to read the sequel, or what happened after the Battle of Chittor (in Kristine)! And then either for the holidays or in January, you’ll read the one I completed this week.

It’s done now, and I’m taking a break because I have a couple of stories I want to submit to anthos and the deadline is the end of the month, then I’ll get back to it and write the mortal’s version, or FEC 11. I won’t send any of them to the editor until December anyway, so I still have a month to write that book! 😉

And we got paperbacks! I’m still trying to declutter the house, so I might give away the extras. Brainwaves and Adventure Song I can send anywhere in the world, the first five with the concept covers, annotated, only in Europe. Are there any takers? If interested, leave a comment with which one you want/can get and I’ll contact you to get your snail mail addy.

these 5 can go anywhere in Europe only – sorry

these two can go anywhere in the world…

And there’s a promo/giveaway on Nightly Bites Volume 2! Check it out! I wanted to publish Nightly Bites Volume 3 this Halloween, but, like I said, I thought my American author friends would be more available after the election. So probably in January, or possibly March, like the above mentioned Volume 2! 🙂 Or I can do a rush job and have it out in December like Volume 1… we’ll see! 🙂

Good news, the anthology I was hinting at for the past months is now out! Here’s the UBL to Amazon, geotagged, for the ebook version. There’s also a paperback but they aren’t linked at the time of scheduling this post, although I requested Author Central to do so. Go check it and leave a review, because reviews are going to help this anthology immensely. Reviews will also be a sign of appreciation for our creativity and craftsmanship – me and the other authors will be immensely grateful!

This is the one where you can find Bran’s first fledgling, Helios of Sparta, and his good-bye to Greece and the Olympic Games where he had excelled as a mortal. I’m in very good company, so go check The Phantom Games NOW! 🙂

Another short story (unrelated to any series) was published in Breathe (which, incidentally is also its title). The PDF looks beautiful, but I didn’t have time to read any of the other stories (same for The Phantom Games, sigh). You can check it out below:

Order a print copy via Amazon (US)
Order a print copy from Pothi (India)
Order a Print replica e-copy from Amazon (Worldwide)
A wonderful analysis, framing the pandemic by Kris Rusch. I definitely don’t want to go back to 2019, but I don’t see much in the future yet, although I’m making tentative plans for at least my peace of mind – finding another job and another place to live. It’s probably going to be slower than expected, but we’re in a once-in-a-generation-world-changing event.

I have done my first short story translation, and I’m still pondering about the whole enterprise. I still don’t know how to handle freelance jobs in this country, sigh. That’s all for today! Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. That’s a pretty good word count, and sorry I missed the mistake… It obviously wasn’t a serious issue, or at least not one most of us would consider serious, or I would have noticed. In theory anyhow. At least you’ve found and fixed it now.

    Congratulations on having the new anthology out. I’m starting the Barbathon either tonight or tomorrow, depending on if I read long enough tonight to start one of your books after I finish the last little bit of the book I’m currently reading.

    I managed to be productive during the past week, even if it was more along the promotional lines of things than anything. I did the recording session for a podcast interview on Friday, and am in the process of sorting out both a guest post and a blog interview with two others for some time soon. We’re still not talking about my progress with the actual writing side of things, but at least I can say I did something productive from a writerly point of view…


    • It was a math problem. For 3 novels I kept saying Rajveer was buried for 500years. But from 1585 to 2005 it’s 420 years, so 4 centuries. I corrected it in Kristine, but didn’t bother doing it in the previous 3. I did it now. There, I said it! 🙂
      No nurry with the Barbathon, and thank you as always for your reviews… and your production work is probably more effective than anything I’ve done this year, LOL! I’m sure you’ll get back to writing soon…


  2. Ah. Well, I am good at maths, but guess I didn’t bother to do any when I was reading the book. Never mind. You fixed it now. 🙂

    I know there’s no rush to read your books, but I’d like to catch up on the ones I have anyhow.

    Thanks. I hope the promotional stuff I’ve been doing does achieve something. If nothing else it’s good to be able to feel like I’m actually doing something writing related. I’m hoping my willingness to do this stuff is a good sign (I’d been putting off the recording for the podcast interview since the person invited me to do it back in June… She’s been really patient with all my excuses every time she tried to pin me down for a time and date to do it).


    • I’m really math-challenged, and I think I counted centuries (so, 16th to 21st century is indeed 5), without thinking that it’s the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 21st, so closer to 4 than 5…
      BTW, it looks like my vampires often get stuck somewhere for 4 centuries, be it buried alive, prisoner of a scary bitch or locked inside Rainbow Towns, LOL! There must be a meaning… I should know, I’m the author! But I honestly have no idea why! 😀
      You’re brave. I had an offer to be on a podcast a few years ago and I refused. I’m sure you’ll have success with it and will bring more readers to your books! Fingers crossed!


  3. If the anywhere in the world aren’t claimed yet… *cough* Sadly I’m not in Europe…


  4. Guess you have a thing for the number four… Wonder if it has an important meaning for you on a subconcious level?


    • I thought my favorite was 5… but then many of my characters get stuff at 22, and now at 400… sigh.


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