Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote almost 13K and I hope to wrap that project this week, so I can print it out before I get off Day Job (so it will have to be done by tomorrow afternoon, LOL! I know I can do it!). Then I’m probably going to write a couple of shorts around these novels to either send out or just add to the ebooks when they’ll come out in November or December. Anyhow, Yearly wordcount is 405K, so very close to the goal, yay!

If you’d like some advice on plot and character, head for Chuck Wendig’s blog. I’m character-oriented for the non-initiated, and plot is so secondary to me, that sometimes I’m afraid I have no plot, busy as I am following those characters wandering around, meeting people and doing stuff. Sadist Author who threw stuff at them seems asleep, lately.

But that’s also why I can’t write to a formula, because my characters simply won’t follow the written plot. Meh. Maybe I’ll manage it with a short story, but longer works… probably not. Oh, well… considering how younger generations seem to prefer videos and audio, soon nobody will read the old-fashioned way anyway, so I’ll have to find another way to narrate those stories, LOL!

And did you hear about the notorious GPT-3-generated blog showing AI still can’t imitate human writing? I was really impressed with DanT’s comment (an image in the original, so reporting here for the visually impaired):

If I pay for a book, magazine or newspaper, I’m not just buying the content, I’m buying the labour of the people involved, who have spent time learning their craft, and researching their stories. So it’s a fair exchange for me to pay for a book by William Gibson, for example, because I know at the end of the financial chain some of the money will be going to a person who has invested time and effort into the creation of the product I’ve bought.

If the only human input is five minutes spent on a headline and intro, which will probably then just be spun into multiple variations for testing purposes, why would I assign a monetary value to it? There’s no labour to be rewarded, and no bond with the writer (which is a big driver of me spending money on writing). Instead it’s just some very clever AI churning out words which are meaningless to it.

Rather than saving content companies cash, it seems more likely to entirely devalue writing as medium, which has pretty big implications for how humanity communicates in the future.

So we might find ourselves in that April’s Fool post by Mark Coker (based on which I wrote a story that has been picked up for a charity anthology for no pay, but I still have no idea if and when it will be published), New Amazon Service Eliminates the Need for Authors.

Meanwhile, we’re still here, still writing and still publishing, aren’t we? And tomorrow there’s a Kobo sale for the US and Canada only, book 2 of Future Earth Chronicles will be at 99c, so for those of you who bought book 1, you can now grab Book 2 at a special price for a limited time! 🙂For good laughs Terrible Book Covers: Hilariously Bad Book Covers of Your Favourite Classic Novels. Having been on Lousy Book Covers myself for the old cover of Technological Angel, I understand it’s not nice to tease bad book covers, but these are public domain/classics the cover designer obviously hasn’t read (in spite of them being classics), so chuckle all along if you wish. I particularly love Moby Dick portrayed as a shark! 😀

And that’s all for today! Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. I’m sure you can finish – or have finished, since it’s “tomorrow afternoon” by now – in time. 😉

    My characters don’t listen to me either. At one point I tried giving them an outline to work from, and they just ignored it and did their own thing. In the end I gave up. This is why I’ll never be a plotter. 😉 I can put things in their way to nudge them in certain directions – or try to – if they’re getting out of hand, or straying in a direction I really don’t want the story to go. But that’s about it, and other than that I just have to write their story and see what I can do with it after that first draft is finished and they’re willing to let me fix any issues their behaviour might have caused. Mostly though I don’t need to fix much. Most of my “work” comes when I have to keep track of all those pesky typo fairies.

    Scary to think that April fool’s joke might actually come to pass (I remember him posting that). I have to agree: you want the connection with the author, not just the story. After all, the words mean little without emotion behind them.


    • Nyieh, I’m running behind because Day Job made me get home two hours later than usual, so… tomorrow I’ll finish. I still have to write the epilogue of FEC0, and check the new version of Mortals Apocalypse. Should be able to do it tomorrow, though.
      Again the characters are doing what they please, but I hope to nail that epilogue tomorrow, LOL! And hopefully we’ll always find people willing to pay for our contentm which would allow us to keep producing content without hassles! 🙂


  2. Sorry day job made you stay longer. Hope the characters co-operate so you can finish today. 🙂

    Yes… Can but hope. Maybe one day we’ll even be making enough that I can pay someone to do my housework, and you can quit the dayjob. Like I said, can but hope, right?


    • Absolutely! And here are two songs for our dreams! 🙂


      Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂



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