Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I managed to write only 5400words, most of them during the weekend. I had to start reading for the  anthology workshop, and even though I’m currently able to do it at work, having to read 282 stories by Feb.19 means my writing time is reduced. So I’m writing on weekends only until I’m done reading.

After reading David Farland’s accountability post, I thought I’d ask you guys if you wanted an Accountability Sarge. I can set up a Team Wordcount spreadsheet where you can jot down your yearly goal and add your weekly wordcount along with mine… and if I see you’ve not been writing for a few weeks with no particular reason, I’ll go all Dean on you and kick you out! 😉

My offline writers group lasted quite a lot (and a few of them are probably still meeting), but I had enough of them long before it split. I joined in 2005 and it helped me gaining confidence writing in a second language, but it was very frustrating, since I was the only one constantly writing.

In 2015 I joined a mailing list that kept track of wordcount (previously used only to keep count of titles published), but since 2019, when that list folded, I’ve been keeping track on my own. Tried to add a couple of friends, but guess what? They dropped out pretty quickly. Sigh.

So if anyone is interested, either contact me or leave a comment, and I’ll add you to the Google doc. Weekly wordcount is due Sunday night wherever you are in the world. The Google doc will be held privately among the members so we can cheer each other on.

About that sale I announced last week, at the moment I can only point you at the publisher’s site. My story (set in Ancient Greece at the original Olympic Games) will be in Tales From Beyond Tomorrow: Volume 3.



As soon as I know more about this anthology to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics of 2020, I will let you know! 🙂 But there will be excerpts somewhere, so stay tuned…

In between reading, I’m brainstorming what I will write next – new series, finish Lone Wolves stories, more Silvery Earth. Looking forward to March, write-wise, LOL! I’m also considering what courses I could follow – writing newsletters, truly learning Photoshop, learning DAZ Studio? So many options… I’ll also have to put together some readers’ magnet and sign up for Book Funnel.

Still not sure about restarting a newsletter, though. Unless I come back fully recharged after a week in the company of professional writers who surely have great advice even on that, LOL! We’ll see. Now I better go back to… reading, sigh! Have a great week!

Writing ought to be a growth activity. You ought to be thinking that every story you write is standing on the shoulders of what you learned from writing the earlier ones. You don’t worry a ton about the older stuff because what you’re writing now is better. The newest story comes from a more experienced, more practiced writer.

Work on a new story.

James Van Pelt


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  1. That’s still a better word count than me this week. I wrote a couple of poems, but between dealing with constantly checking the comments on a guest post that went up on Thursday, adding Artemis the tortoise to my profiles, working on tweaking things on my blog in preparation for rebranding my “Friends Of Furkid Friday” feature to “PetKid Pals” as from the middle of next month (because I felt like I was leaving Artemis out, what with the whole lack of fur where tortoises are concerned) and Lilie deciding naps are over-rated, I didn’t really have time. Only did as well as I did on reading because my Kindle could read to me while I was playing with the dogs.

    I am tempted by the accountability thing. But I don’t usually keep track of word counts. Plus, I don’t think JAWS likes Google Docs (at least, every time someone’s sent me anything via it in the past, I’ve had to have Kelly read it to me, because JAWS refuses).


    • I’m currently burning my kindle with the antho workshop reading… I hope it lasts until next year, when KK turns 10! 🙂
      I know you burn trough them faster (thanks for the latest reviews), but I’ll miss my Kindle Keyboard.
      And you don’t need accountability for your writing, you’re a regular! 😉
      Happy writing!


  2. True. Though I’ve had plenty of quiet writing weeks lately, it’s been because of having to wear other hats (even if I’d rather be writing than playing publisher or dealing with the marketing/promotional side of things) or real life stuff, and even then I do at least get some writing in every week (even if it’s only a poem, or a paragraph or two on one of my stories).

    Yeah, I’m on my third Kindle. I read so much they stop working after a couple of years. Poor things can’t keep up with me. Haha! I don’t blame you for wanting to stick with the KK for as long as you can though. My one of those was two Kindles ago now, but I still miss it. So much easier to use!

    You’re welcome about the reviews. Should have more soon, though I’ll be taking a break from reading your books for the weekend to read poetry in honour of it being Imbolc, so anything of yours I don’t finish by Friday night will be waiting until next week to be picked back up. When I think I’m caught up, I’ll let you know, so you can tell me if I missed something. 😉


    • Sounds like a plan… l’ll check on Smashwords if you missed anything. I hope you like the conclusion if Raj and Bel’s story. She won’t be in other books, but Raj will probably travel some more – he’s younger! 🙂 He might take Zarif’s daughter to her father”s tomb when she grows up… still a lot to explore on Future Earth anyway! 🙂


  3. I’m enjoying it so far. Hoping to finish that one this evening. Glad it won’t be the last in the universe, even if it will be Bel’s last book. 🙂

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