Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote 15K, two stories for the Anthology Workshop and wrapped up the current project. Which means I reached my yearly goal of half-Pulp-speed, or 500K with three more weeks to go! 🙂 I might have slowed the publishing, but the writing is obviously still going strong, yay! 😀

And since this is almost the last post of the year, I’m going to give my recommended reading list for 2019. In the order I read them, here are the books worth checking out of the fifty or so I read. 11 I did not finish, but the rest I did read to the end. I’m not putting the non-fiction, only the fiction here (the grand total includes both + a plethora of short stories):

Fright Court by Mindy Klasky

A Reluctance of Blood by Rebecca M. Senese

Andy: a Sexy Robot Story by Dirk Walvoord (and I know there are sequels, but I haven’t gotten them yet – it’s a novella, BTW)

The Cache and Other Stories by Sherry D. Ramsey

Ice Dragon: The Complete Novel by Karen L. Abrahamson

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

A Sword’s Poem by Leah Cutter

Major BS Comes to the end of his rope by John Martin

Witches of London – Lars by Aleksandr Voinov

The Peshawar Lancers by S. M. Stirling

Voyage of the Crimson Sail by Victoria Zigler

Facing the Mirror (Guardians of the Pattern, Book 0) by Jaye McKenna (warning: adults only)

Comrades in Arms by Kevin J. Anderson

Soldier, Storyteller by Linda Maye Adams (short memoir of the Iraq war)

With a Broken Sword by Stefon Mears

The Night Killers by Rebecca M. Senese

I Like My Science Mad (Blaze Ward Presents #2) because unlike with the Moles (BWP1), I didn’t skip one story! You gotta love those mad scientists of all kinds! 🙂

I hope you checked the Backstage Pass on Sunday, the Diversity post is finally out! A few links to close the year, all on the new tech such as facial recognition and AI.

Artificial Intelligence is watching us and judging us. Kinda creepy, right? And China brings in mandatory facial recognition for mobile phone users, while US may require all travelers to be photographed at airports. More walls, less privacy. Sigh. Where are we headed? 21 Lessons for the 21st Century almost feels already outdated two years later…

Anyhow, we have a few more guests coming up, surely with less depressing topics! Writing fiction kind of helps going though all these changes, but I am not really into dystopias at this time. I already feel I live in one! 😉 So next year I might start a new series, but I’ll stick to the two current alternate futures – the Star Minds Universe where Earth joined the Star Nations in 2012 and the Future Earth Chronicles where our current civilization collapsed by the end of this century and we go back to some kind of steampunk technology, except for the Rainbow Towns that are stuck in the here and now.

Maybe I’ll write short stories about alternate, dystopian futures, or maybe I’ll write more historical fantasy. I still have a few books of Silvery Earth to write, but I’m not in a hurry, because I feel I’m at another turning point in my writing (still Stage 3, but a floor up. Haven’t reached Stage 4 yet, it’s much higher up).

So, not sure what I’ll publish next year, and it’s a little early to make New Year’s plans, isn’t it? Therefore I shall go back to writing and I wish you a wonderful week! 🙂

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  1. Congratulations on the word count. Enjoy your relaxed writing time until the end of the year. 🙂

    I was already suspicious that Alexa and Seri were spying on me. I figure they’ll find a way to spy on me if they’re that determined to do so, so there’s no point hiding from it. I’m waiting for the day they want us to be microchipped so they can track us better, and at the same time hoping I’m not alive to see that day. If I am, I’ve got plans to ask if I get a treat afterwards, since my dogs got one when they were chipped.


    • LOL! We should all get a treat when we allow them to keep an eye on us! 😀
      Sometimes I wonder where this is going… the Orwellian 1984 postponed for less than half a century? We’ll see…
      Any aliens willing to take me away from this crazy planet, please give me a call! 😀


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