Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week, while jotting down a couple of ideas in my moleskine, I saw an idea that suddenly appealed to me, so I interrupted what I was doing to write that contemporary short story of about 7K. With whatever I had added to the other project, last week clocked at over 8K written. Now I’m back to that other project, still contemporary, hoping to nail it by the end of the week.

On Sept.28th I tried uploading the Quests Box Set to D2D, but somehow couldn’t make their meatgrinder (however they call it, I know that term is the Smashwords one, LOL!) “read” the file correctly, so I had written to support for help. On Monday they got back to me when I had completely forgotten about it… anyhow, I managed to upload the file and this time it came out fine, so there you have it, the Quests Box Set with the new covers! πŸ™‚

During the weekend I was supposed to start lettering the strip of Silvery Earth Kids. But on Friday I went to Romics and talked to Bigio (whose comics and webstrips are only in Italian, unfortunately), showing him my Instagram account and he gave me some advice. So there you have it, new backgrounds on some strips (including Torik’s New Clothes, but I won’t show it yet, haha). And while preparing the squares for lettering, I found I had forgotten to color one. And that another had to be modified for the square size.

So in the end, no lettering, but hopefully I’ll manage next weekend! πŸ™‚ Also, since DeviantART has this Cosmic Corsair contest and I’m supposed to do another strip for another anthology, I’m thinking of going back to the Star Minds Kids and do something with them for both projects.

And the NaNo bundle is out! So if you’re looking for great writing books, go grab it now. And I have a name for my burnout – the critical voice again!

That’s what the critical voice does. It makes writing hard, unpleasant, and something to be avoided, rather than embraced.

All of us who write face that. We just have different battles with our critical voices. Some writers battle the voice in the words on the page. Other writers battle the voice in the types of stories it’s okay to tell. And apparently, some, like me, battle the voice on expectation of production.

I got “I hate everything I write” (but kept writing anyway, LOL!). Now I’m going to kill that bastard off. It had never really raised its ugly head before, so I’m sure I’ll get rid of it soon. Now, granted, I might lack the talent to be a successful author, but I’ll keep writing and learning and publishing more slowly until death! πŸ™‚

See how serendipity brings the right posts at the right time? Besides, I was trying to put together a document for my editor in November (after she does The Wanderers next week), and I kept finding short stories I wrote in the last three months (since I finished the novel) that I hadn’t put on my written list… so I did write quite a lot in spite of my critical voice.

And I even submitted some, and one passed the first step, now I’m waiting for the “second level” to decide if they buy it or not. If they don’t, I already know where to submit it next year (won’t open until February 2020). I had actually displaced a couple of anthos guidelines I had written stories for, so I had to go looking for them, and write the title of the story I plan to send them after Mighty Editor’s pass.

So, maybe I’m already climbing back up. It’s probably the start of my third writing phase (the second started around fifteen years ago, when I took the first craft workshops and learned about POV and other neat tricks), although I’ll have to read more fiction to better figure out readers’ expectations. I’m also considering collaborations, so this workshop on shared worlds is very timely! πŸ™‚

And then, summer is over, autumn is here and I feel much better! πŸ™‚ I don’t have big plans for the end of the year, just keep trudging (writing and publishing also in Italian), and then we’ll see. I have the Anthology Workshop in February and then I’ll think about other writing trips. Maybe another writing retreat. I got a couple of flyers at Worldcon in Dublin, so we’ll see.

I hadn’t realized people are boycotting Kickstarter… but then I spared myself a Kickstarter stress. Again, maybe next year! πŸ˜‰ Have a great week! πŸ™‚

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  1. If my inner critic starts making a fuss, I tell her to go play somewhere else, and promise her I’ll buy her something nice if she does. It usually works. Unfortunately, she’s a big fan of chocolate, and vegan chocolate is apparently as addictive as non-vegan chocolate…

    Anyway, great you’re feeling much better now Summer is over, and are managing to get plenty done, despite glitches, distractions of shiny new ideas, and your inner critic deciding to make herself known.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be a really successful author either. But I’ll keep doing what I can to get my stories written and out there for people to read. Besides, the few people who actually read them seem to enjoy them, so that’s nice… At least I have their reviews and comments to help on the bad days. Oh, and vegan chocolate… That helps too. πŸ˜‰


    • My problem is that I hadn’t heard the critical voice until now, so I hadn’t recognized it for what it was. I’ve always written what I wanted to read, but somehow not finding my readers had awakened that b***! 😦
      It’s back in control now. And again I’ve stopped the contemporary project to ponder a story for the umpteenth anthology that may or may not end up in Future Earth Chronicles. And I’ve signed up for Shared Worlds, so we’ll see how that turns out through the coming nine months! πŸ™‚
      I have only you and a couple more friends to keep me publishing… maybe I should just write and share with close friends, LOL! Now to work on the newest strip, I’ll make sure to do the prose version just for you when I’m done! πŸ™‚


  2. Glad you got it back under control. I’ll be here whatever you decide to do. Unless I’m abducted by aliens, or something else equally as out of my control happens.


    • Tee-hee! If aliens show up, tell them to come back AFTER our meeting later this month! πŸ˜€


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