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Slowing down the writing and tending the garden means I wrote a little more than 9K last week. One new story and the expansion of an older one (still unpublished, so no harm done). I’ll probably tinker with the other one a little longer as well, since I’m still reading a non-fiction book for research purposes.

While doint the translation of Brainwaves, I found several instances of a forgotten “h” in a name, luckily I still had to update those documents, so next weekend the “typo” or “inconsistency” will vanish. Next weekend is Future Earth Chronicles and Vampires Through the Centuries update, yay (not).

Silvery Earth, in spite of pruning, still has quite a lot of titles. Four new covers for the Quests book to make and still a lot of documents to update with new backmatter. How many? The answer is 42. Douglas Adams knew it even before I actually wrote the books!

Just kidding, but it’s more than 40 titles on Smashwords, plus the box sets that are only on Draft2Digital, so quite a lot of work in that department. Not to mention the other retailers – Amazon, Kobo and DriveThru… I’ll definitely be busy all of September with the revamping!

I shall keep these monologues (or dialogues with Tori) going for a little longer. I’ll do a giveaway for the ten years of blogging, then will slow down further to one post a week. Unless there are guests. Or special announcements. I will stop the Happiness is… rotation as well.

So I will have Backstage Pass on Sundays on the publisher’s page and Writer Wednesday on this blog, probably longer and more rambling.

And speaking of announcements, here’s the table of contents of an upcoming anthology, in which I have a story.

Image may contain: text

From the publisher:

The charity anthology, Yearning to Breathe Free is deep into production, and will be available by mid-September. All profits from the anthology will be donated to RAICES, a non-profit charity who has led the fight in making sure that immigrants in detention centers have access to legal protection, enabling families to call each other on the phone, helping parents to find their children, and ensuring that those detained can gain access to basic goods and services.

My story is Following Torik, and if the name sounds familiar, yes, he’s the Silvery Earth Kid that outgrew his clothes. Except this  is the story of his little brother Baldric, and they’re both adults by now (it’s been 12 years since Silvery Earth Kids). So, while you wait for the strip and the related novel, you can have a taste in this charity anthology! 😉

Or you can follow Silvery Earth Kids on Instagram, Monday vignette of a sobbing Torik earned a lot of love (while I kept singing “I don’t like Mondays“!)! 😀 That’s all for now and I wish you all a wonderful week! 🙂

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  1. I’m playing publisher this week too. Just got the paperback version of my pirate book uploaded, so we’ll see how things go in the proofing stage of that version, but the eBooks have been cleared for distribution, so I’m good to go on those for next week’s official release (doing it next week, because of talk like a pirate day; I’m publishing the day before the date, so I can jump on the pirate hashtags for promotion on the day, knowing it should be live everywhere by then).

    Anyway, good luck with all the revamping and updating. Hope it’s all going smoothly. Bet you’ll be glad when it’s finished. If you can do it before your bloggerversary, that will be something else to celebrate.


    • Found another typo in the paperback of Wanderlust while checking stuff for the next story… glad I hadn’t started updating those yet!
      I hope your paperback cover was perfect at the first attempt!
      Not sure when I’ll do another paperback or audio book, honestly. It all feels like a waste of time and throwing books into a black hole…
      But I shall bounce back! 🙂


  2. I know it feels like that sometimes. I still get so little notice taken that any sales from unknown readers get me excited. But I figure if I don’t publish the books – which I’ll be writing either way – then I definitely won’t get any sales, so I might as well. Plus, as I’ve told people before: I write because I have to; it’s as important as breathing. I publish because I feel stories should be shared.


    • I agree with you on that, but it’s very frustrating. That’s why I’m leaving everything out there instead of unpublishing, though – the titles I unpublished are available elsewhere anyway.
      Sometimes I only want to fade in the background… and I’ll probably lose followers if I stop blogging, but I’ll still be publishing something regularly on here, albeit less often! 😉


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