Writer Wednesday

No real writing last week, although I did start The Path of Dreams on Sunday, but I didn’t have time to type anything yet. One chapter down, but I don’t know the wordcount. Back on track today, though.

I slept at the Trinity College (the year of sleeping on campuses, and I didn’t even go to college or university, LOL!) and I walked all over the place because why not. I bought a rain poncho to protect myself and the backpack from the Irish rain, since I was outside more often than Edinburgh.

I went to three panels at Worldcon. One was cancelen, another I couldn’t get in. And the belly dance class lasted almost two hours instead of one. Boy, am I rusty! I should really do it regularly, my limbs coordination currently sucks. I better look for something in September…

Shoutout to the awesome bookseller Hodges Figgis who carried my books for five days and sold 6 out of 8! And I left the Moles anthology at the book swap, grabbing a novella in return that I read on the plane back – Genesis by S.E. Sasaki, quite a nice introduction to her world.

In Dublin I met with friends (both 20Books alumni and Italian friends, plus the woman who started me on Worldcons by suggesting I attend Chicon 7 and bought the last two books), explored the town (even with a Hop-on Hop-off bus to have a general idea), went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and bought books, comics and DVDs.

Now I’m still quite shaken by the traveling (and guess who’s welcomed me back? The dreaded heat! AUGH!), but settling back in the routine. Still off day job until Sunday… Now hop off to the Infinite Bard for another free short story and have a great week!

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  1. Sounds exhausting, but also fun. Sorry about the heat though. It’s nice here. I hope it stays like this, because the temperatures are in the comfortable range (warmest it’s gotten over the past few days is 19 degrees C, and half the time it hasn’t even been as warm as that).


    • lucky you, I already miss Dublin’s rain! 😦
      30+°C for the rest of the week… AUGH!


  2. Ugh! I’d be longing for the rain instead of that too!


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