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Travel musings… I’m an experienced traveler and was baffled or amused by some of the questions my fellow writers asked on the group page before heading for Scotland. I mean, I know I can’t take my house with me and I’m used to some kind of discomfort when traveling. I’m still prone to anxiety and panic attacks after all these years, but I never try to find a home-away-from-home abroad.

I know of Italians who hate traveling because they can’t live without pasta. I’m not a foodie, but I do miss Italian coffee abroad. Since it’s not permanent (yet), I just deal with it and make do with what’s available. When I visit a new country, I don’t research beyond the travel agent’s catalogue and a quick weather forecast.

I like to be surprised, like it happened with Iceland. If it’s a workshop or a conference, as long as I have a room to retire to after socializing (because, uh, introvert…), a converter to charge my phone and the right clothes for the local weather, I’m good. I know it won’t be my bed or my bathroom for a short time.

And if I forget something, I know I can buy it somewhere. Unless it’s life-saving meds, you can probably find everything wherever you go, with globalization. I mean, I found sanitary pads in India, where they probably keep them only for Western women! 😉

I hate the traveling itself because I rarely sleep on planes, even long flights, but when I reach the place, I usually settle and try to mingle. I guess I’m not your normal tourist… like the ones in this funny strip!

But I understand a young person or a non-traveler going abroad for the first time might have the strangest doubts and requests.

I had my share of anxiety on this trip, because when boarding l was told l’d be rerouted for a strike at Amsterdam airport. Never spent 6hours at the airport of my hometown, but considering the taxi cost me 50euro, l just stayed there.

Not ideal after a 4.30am wakeup call, but whatever… l eventually made it to Edinburgh, with a batch of awesome people, all with their problems, their joys, their hopes.

All writers willing to travel half across the world (for some) only to spend a week together. Some had adventurous travels to reach here, others made it smoothly, but all made it in spite of being introverts!

Here’s to us writing lots of new words before the actual conference starts tomorrow (since this edition is conference+writing retreat, that’s why I chose it)! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  1. Glad you made it safely. Hope you have a fun and relaxing time, and get lots more writing done.


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