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It should probably have been a different kind of post, one that I’ll elaborate more when I resume the Backstage Pass on the publisher’s page in September, but I’d like to ramble on my virtual casts. I mean, I already mentioned Da Muses who seem to be everywhere – although neither is in The Path of Wood, but that’s because it’s about Torik grown up, and he must look more or less like the child I’m drawing in Silvery Earth Kids! 😉

Although I sort of cheated even in that strip. The previous strip, Me and Da Muses, had them both. When I did the character design for Silvery Earth Kids, I did keep a couple of things from Da Muses. Well, one, mostly: the hair. I changed the color, but Torik and Erwan have Da Muses’ hair.

When it came to “cast” for the grown-up version, I did find someone who could be Torik, but then everybody else was 3D rendering (usually by Ravven because she’s the best). Even the Path of Metal will have a cover by Ravven and I cast two of her 3D rendering characters as protagonists.

Not going to show my cover attempts yet, but the ramble is about casting and I wanted to mention how I found the twin protagonists’s younger brother on Yahoo, as I went to check my email. See this article about a teen who wasn’t hired because of his extreme hairstyle and became a model?

He’s the younger brother. He’s just perfect. I mentioned (in The Path of Wood) that the eldest and one of the twin girls have brown eyes like their father, and the other twin and the youngest have blue/grey eyes like their mother. He’s even the right age for my secondary world fantasy! 😉

For Future Earth Chronicles I took random pictures from the internet (that of course I cannot share because copyright)… So even my casting process has changed through the years, LOL!

One last comment on my (usually famous) virtual cast: here’s what crushes on celebrities say about us (meaning middle-aged women, although I’m not really a Mom, but I guess I had some kind of Mom Crush…)! And, when I’ll be Diane Keaton’s age, if a Keanu Reeves walks to me, I’d definitely dump the Jack Nicholson in my life, unless it’s Keanu himself, of course! 😀

Have a great weekend! 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: I just saw in the dashboard that this is post #2300… and in a couple of months I celebrate 10 years of blogging… just sayin’! 😉

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  1. There are a couple of actors I feel that way about. Shhh… Don’t tell Kelly. 😉

    Congratulations on the post number and upcoming bloggerversary.


    • it’s okay, better than a real person – that would be cheating on him! 😉


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