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Last week I came to a grinding halt with Legends of the Moren Empire Volume 2. I don’t like it, I don’t think I can fix it, and I don’t want to work on it anymore. So the rest of the week I worked on Silvery Earth Kids – the prose version and a few more strips – reaching 9400words.

This is the last week I’m giving out wordcount, though. I have reached almost 280K already, and I proved to myself and the world that I can write 500K a year if I put my mind to it, so I’ll keep count for myself from now on. I’m also thinking of scheduling pre-orders for all the Lone Wolves titles, so I can shut down my brain for the summer.

And after the summer, we’ll see. I might try to break into the Italian market, and let the English market be for some time. Or maybe I’ll tend the garden of the English titles (close to 200 anyway), especially after 20BooksEdinburgh. I can’t really think right now, because the heat is really killing me, so I’m in survival mode! 😉

I spent most of the weekend reading and napping, although I did finish coloring the strip and drew a couple more. I’m not done yet and I might use some of the prose version as flashbacks in Torik’s novel, which I’m starting this week. I already wrote a short story about the bully of the strip, and now I want to follow Torik and Copperscales – twelve years after Silvery Earth Kids (which means, basically, that Torik is now an adult, but Copperscales is still a baby Fajrulo!).

I wanted to do another couple of curated anthologies, but I probably won’t have the strength, not even for a third Sci-Fi July bundle. But another anthology (not curated by me) should come out this summer, so you can still fill you summer reading if you feel so inclined! 😀

And it’s Infinite Bard day! Hop off to check the newest story by the awesome Debbie Mumford! Mine will be up in July, so that’s another free read for your summer! 😉 Have a great week!

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  1. Though I could get you the word counts for any of my stories, I actually don’t know what my best word count for a given year was, since I don’t have a document where I tracked that, and it’s too much work to remember which stories I wrote the year they were published, and which were from before.

    Maybe when you can think again you’ll be able to finish that story? Your writing slowing down for a bit gives me some time to do some reading. I’ve still got several of your books to catch up on reading (I would have read them already, but I’m currently reading the ones I need to for my alphabet challenges).

    Our temperatures didn’t stay hot. I’m not complaining. Not managing to get any writing done either, but for other reasons. I expected it to be the case this week, and for the next couple of weeks, while Logan settles in.


    • Yeah, I might finish it, eventually, when I’m done with Torik, probably. Don’t worry about catching up with reading my stuff, I won’t publish much for the rest of the year! 😉
      Oh, and I think I found the place we can all move to:
      Internet like in London, New York and Dublin and possibly being able to publish our books with 0%VAT! What have our Irish friends to say about this? Is it easy to start a small publishing business or micropublisher in Ireland? Because in Italy it’s currently impossible…


  2. Great! I’ll start packing. 😉

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