Random Friday

So the first three weeks of vacation have been so filled with travels that I’m still recovering, haha! I’d post pics of Vegas, but you all know what Vegas looks like, right? I didn’t go in the casinos (although I went through them to reach places like buffets or the street), didn’t touch slot-machines (I prefer the old ones I saw in England back in 1981, where you threw in coins in that big glass case hoping to make the other coins fall and  win them, much funnier than that digital stuff where you push buttons), didn’t walk the Freemont Experience at night much (already saw it in 2009). And I didn’t go flying either.

Lucca was a mess with rain, so the first day it was almost impossible getting anywhere. Probably wasted ticket, since everywhere was so crowded they had to close them off. I saw the Japan Town and the Games area, but not the official publishers booths. And there was a web strip that had finally a printed version that I wanted, but I couldn’t get in. Meh.

I also went to the self-area to grab a few indies. I discovered the Sad Unicorn comic and visited with some of the comic artists who had booths either in the self-area or up on the walls of the town. I also checked the steampunk clothes available, but they’re kind of expensive for the kind of use I had in mind, so I ended up not buying anything.

I have been thinking I could go to Worldcon as Bel from Post-Apocalypse Chronicles, but I don’t know if and when I’ll have panels yet and if and when I can have a table to sell some books. There are plenty of other comicons before Worldcon, though, so I’ll have more time to find a “costume” (possibly recyclable for other things, lest it stays in the wardrobe like my medieval costumes, LOL!).

Cosplayers! Plenty of them. Including a bearded Ariel the Mermaid, some musicians (Michael Jackson, Slash, Freddie Mercury “I want to break free”) and some interesting characters. And steampunkers, of course. And lots of mini-cosplayers – mostly Marvel superheroes for boys and Star Wars ladies for girls. A very colorful crowd in spite of the rain.

But too crowded for my tastes, so I guess I’ll skip the next two or three and go back only when I recovered! What can I say, I hate crowds… they give me panic attacks! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m not big on crowds either. I was never big on being around a lot of people at once, whether I know them or not.

    Good luck recovering from all that.

    By the way, those machines you’re talking about… I used to love them. I’m pretty sure there are still a couple in the arcade not far from us too. There were when I was last there a few years ago anyhow. Ones for pennies, two pence pieces, and five pence pieces. Those and the teddy grabbing machines were the only ones I was ever interested in playing on. Kelly’s awesome at the latter. Or used to be. He never failed to get me a stuffed toy when he played on one of those.

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    • Yes! The Penny-slots! I tried to look them up but couldn’t find them on Google… Those were fun!
      Unlike Kelly, I never managed to grab anything from those teddy-grabbing machines, though. And I still see them around, even here in Italy.
      The penny coins machines I’ve seen only in England! 🙂


  2. I actually didn’t know they were only over here. Well, I do now.


    • That’s the only place where l saw them – Folkestone, Kent, June 1981… But l’m not big on slot machines! 😁



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