Writer Wednesday

I’m definitely more prolific when I’m on a deadline, LOL! Last week I wrote 17K, almost a full novella, and then came up with another story of the Star Minds Lone Wolves. So the Elders will have one novel and two novellas with two short stories. This week I’ll be busy checking Mighty Editor’s comments and formatting the first ebook for a mid-month release.

I also have to compose the three covers. I have downloaded the images I need, but I still need to put them together. I will be using 3D rendering models instead of pictures this time, because it was the only way to find Cherry and Elsa, so I adapted and found something for Hariel too, since the original isn’t available, LOL! (Yes, Hariel is Da Muse, and even if I did a mock cover with him, I didn’t dare ask the photographer, Dabboo Ratnani, for the rights to that picture, haha!)

This brings the yearly total to 387K and next week I hope to start working on Post-Apocalypse Chronicles book 2, that will have to be done by Oct.18. I might not write 10 novels in 100 days, but I’m sure I can pour out 40-50K in four weeks. Probably less unless I need to stop for research.

Last weekend I did my first book on KDPprint… allow me to bemoan the demise of CreateSpace. Proofs from Amazon come with a banner “Not for Resale” on the cover. If I even want to do a private project, I’ll have to go back to Lulu. Sigh. I did take everything down on Lulu, but I didn’t close the account – I probably knew something like that would happen, eventually.

Anyhow, next weekend I’ll try to set up the paperback for the Star Minds Lone Wolves – The Youngsters as well as uploading the eBook of the first Elder. Mighty Editor has been swamped these two weeks and I had to book an extra week for the last Vampires Through the Centuries novel, LOL!

Now I better go back to my editing, formatting and cover designing… Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Awesome job on the writing progress. I don’t want to talk about mine. Yeah, it’s that bad.

    My last proof from CreateSpace had the banner too. To have a copy without that now, you have to order copies after it’s made available for sale. How was the experience apart from that though?


    • I know, hope your health improves soon and you can get back to writing!
      Re: KDPprint – I was spoiled by Lulu and CS. I ordered proofs mostly to check the cover (and often adjusted just that), so with the banner it won’t be possible.
      I guess the very first live version of any future paperback might be not so perfect, but then, it’s not as if I have people lining up to buy my paperbacks upon release…
      Oh, and I had trouble with the ready-made PDF cover, since I don’t use their templates. Both CS and Lulu had the option to upload a full cover JPG that is absent on KDPprint. Sigh.


  2. I hope my health improves so I can get back to writing soon too. 😉

    At least you should get copies of your books quickly now, so you’ll have time to fix any issues before too many people notice. That’s something at least.

    I’ve been uploading pdf versions of the covers from the start. I have someone who acts as “cover creator” and puts the cover together for me using the CreateSpace templates. Then I just upload the pdf he sends me. Sounds like it’s a good thing I’m used to doing it that way.


    • I started doing the PDF covers for the BundleRabbit anthologies, but still checked how it came out in CreateSpace first.
      Ah, well… After the first struggle, I’m quickly learning how to fix it! 😉


  3. That’s good. 🙂



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