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I’ll have to admit September took me by surprise. In spite of celebrating Da Muse’s birthday last Sunday, the whole weekend didn’t feel like a new month. I almost missed the Happiness is post last Monday… maybe I need a vacation? I was off only four days last summer… well, the summer is not officially over yet, so this summer!

Anyhow! Another 10K written and books sent to the proofreader. I’ll have to finish the last novella before the end of the week or possibly the start of the next, then I’ll probably have two weekends busy with editing… and paperbacks. I actually even managed to link D2D and Findaway, but I can’t find the courage to start on audio books yet. Cause I hate them so much and can’t be bothered to listen to them. Maybe next year…

For sudden changes in DayJob schedule, I also started the translation of Brainwaves, so that as soon as I finish with the Star Minds Lone Wolves, I can get back to the Post-Apocalypse Chronicles and write book 2. And then the other books coming after that, probably. Writing the mini-series at the same time is actually better, especially if they’re either closely intertwined like Star Minds Lone Wolves or squential like Post-Apocalypse Chronicles.

Besides the online workshop, even Chuck Wendig says so!

Write all the books first. Write the series first. If it’s a trilogy, write the trilogy before trying to publish. If it’s a longer series, write the first three books, at least. Or, bare minimum, plot the books robustly, so that when the contract comes in you’re not rushing to figure out the story beats on a longer series.

And since the Silvery Earth Heroines are standalone, I can write them next year, even though I already have the covers by wonderful Federica Manfredi (she still has to draw the last one, but there is really no rush!). I’m also having fun doing covers with stock photos and rendering, so I might redo some of mine (meaning the ones I drew myself). I did an attempt for Firebird (one of the books I wanted to try in audio), but I still have to work on my skills, LOL!

In case you missed the announcement or are not subscribed to my newsletter, Otherside is out! Although D2D initially rejected it for Apple for links to competitors. I have no idea where they saw links to competitors, since I don’t put them anywhere in the books anymore. Only the publisher page, this blog and the newsletter subscription link. What will they do when I mention the competition in the text (with no links whatsoever) in Kristine the Youngest? Maybe Apple doesn’t want my books. Shame on them.

I downloaded all the reports from CreateSpace (50 paperbacks and the payments of the past four years) just in case they get lost in the move. Then I’ll probably just wait until they do it. My last paperback sale was a few months ago anyway. Not going to do it myself (it didn’t prompt me when I logged in, so I assume they’re already overworked by people moving before the closing).

Now I better go back to writing! The newsletter went out, the new title is up, I better get back to work! 🙂 Have a great week!



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  1. I know. Sneaky September came out of nowhere, didn’t it? I swear we were only just welcoming in August. On the bright side, this means potentially cooler months ahead due to the arrival of Autumn and Winter, which I’m happy to sign up for. 😉

    A vacation? I could use one of those! Between hospital and trying to keep up with everything when I’m actually out of hospital… Well, like I said, I could use one of those vacation things. People keep saying about how it must be nice to have the rest in hospital. If they think that, they obviously haven’t been to hospital themselves. Hospitals are not relaxing places to be! So, about that vacation…?

    I know you weren’t asking for opinions, but I’d personally say catch up with sorting paperback production, and then worry about audio book production. Make it next year’s big project or something. Or, because of the length of your backlist, make it a project to start dealing with next year. 😉 Also, be glad your books are generally not extremely long, since at least it means you won’t have to listen for a long time per book. What may also help you is that the first sample your narrator should send you is about fifteen minutes long, and the final book will be submitted in chapter length sections, which will make it easier for you to not fall asleep, since you have to press “play” for each chapter to listen. You can also take a break between chapters if you need to, which is another thing that will help you stay awake. 😉

    I saw about your new book, but haven’t grabbed it yet. Soon.


    • Months shouldn’t be allowed to sneak up on us, but yeah, glad the heat is gone! 🙂
      Got my blood test today, only one hole on the right hand! Small quantity pnly to check TSH levels of the tyroid, phew!
      Thanks for the tips on audio. I guess I shall leave it for next year! 😀


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