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And the yearly wordcount is over 300K, but I’ll need to slow down in August to revise a couple of things. I should be able to catch up in September, though! 🙂

I found another publisher open to novella submissions, and I’m sharing it here in case you have a festive-themed novella. I might send them something for the advance notice novella series. And I’ll soon send something to Tor as well. Oh, and since I’m on a submission-call sharing spree, see if you have anything for Quoth the Raven celebrating the works of Edgar Allan Poe! 🙂

Now, if you’re just starting, you might have to confront the 8 fears that hold writers back from publishing their books. But when it comes to cover art, please follow the Indie Author’s guide to hiring a cover artist! 🙂 I’m a hobbyist artist, I’ll try to look for a typograpy and graphics workshop in my area to get even better.

Maybe one day I’ll make covers for other people as well! 😉 Learning with my own, though, since this year I started doing composite of stock photos (either from Depositphoto or Neostock)… and I’m currently having fun in spite of a Photoshop 7.0 and very limited skills, LOL!

If you want to do it too, please read the Indie Author’s guide to stock photography! 🙂

Our man David Gaughran is still on Amazon’s back. I haven’t managed to read Amazon Decoded yet, but here’s how to (ethically) hack Amazon categories. I’m not sure I tried to apply this to my historical novel, for example. Well, I did put the keywords but they don’t come out in the search, so… I guess next step should be writing to KDP support? Meh.

And in case you missed the cocky-gate, here’s a good summary. And there’s someone else trying to trademark Dragon Slayer as well… sigh. Glad there’s CockyBot to look after that mess! 🙂

OH, SALES SALES SALES! On DriveThruFiction and DriveThruComics everything from Unicorn Productions is 25% off! 😀

Aaaand… we have a paperback for Sci-fi Stories Space Opera Mashup. So if you’re up for a dead tree book, it’s available too. For all four anthologies! 🙂

That’s all for today… have a great week!

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  1. 300K is impressive. So many writers gaze into space looking for the next word. Nice to see someone else who writes so much. Thanks for the pointer to Twelfth Planet – I’ll check the guidelines and maybe give them a try.


    • I’m aiming for half pulp speed this year! 😉
      Re: 12th planet, I couldn’t find how long the contract lasts. It’s a small advance and 40% royalty for how long?


  2. Awesome about the word count! I’m hoping to see you announcing that you made it to the 5K this time around.


  3. Anonymous

     /  25/07/2018

    Thanks so much for the wonderful shoutout!! All the best, Dean – NeoStock LTD


    • Thank you for the two very informative posts, Dean! (And of course for the great stock! 🙂 )


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