Random Friday

And in a bout of total randomness, I give you Da Muse Friday 🙂 This week’s Google Alerts were particularly inspiring – although there are still a few inaccessible sites because of the darn GDPR (did l mention it sucks? 😉 ).

So, he’s on vacation with his kids, busy climbing mountains and doing road trips… And coming to Rome! 😀

When in Rome… next time do call Barb! But avoid the summer, I know you don’t care about the heat, but l do!

Although I didn’t even go looking for Da Other Muse when he came to shoot John Wick Chapter 2 – and it was February!

So who am I kidding, not going Muse-hunting anytime soon! 😉

Then there’s this American Youtuber dancing Bollywood songs in Manhattan… Sorry, Q Park, you are no match for Mr. A! 🙂

Not even Da Muse himself can do it like he did it in 2006 anymore, sigh! Anyhow, here’s some real Bollywood in all its glory only for you! 🙂

I don’t have any new drawings to show, but you can always check the gallery… Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. I bet you’d do everything in your power to ignore the heat if he did come calling. 😉

    I agree… It sucks! It’s messing with sites and notifications, and making it take twice as long to do stuff because you have to keep agreeing that you still agree that it’s OK for your computer to have the cookies you agreed to let the site put on your computer.


    • We-e-e-ll, if he did call me, I’d invite him over to my house (fresh&cool), let his kids play with Dear Nephew’s toys and DVDs and entertain him in the next room, LOL! 🙂


  2. Thought it might go something like that, LOL!

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