Writer Wednesday

Even though last week I wrote less than 10K (in between projects it’s normal), I have still accumulated enough to be on track to reach my 500K goal. Now working into turning an 8K story into a novella for Tor and having fun exploring a new fantasy world! 🙂

If you’re still wondering how to do it, here Dean explains what it means to cycle and create clean first drafts. My process is slightly different, but having spent one year in rewriting hell with Books of the Immortals – Air (about 10 years ago), I went back to being a one-draft writer since.

My critical voice never managed to grow. I’ve been writing mostly single drafts  for forty years now, and even the few stories I rewrote are redrafts with more experience on my shoulders – or because I switched languages. I still read like a reader, which might slow my learning process, but I’m a slow reader and I want to enjoy the experience, not study how others did it.

So I do a first clean draft and leave it alone before sending it off to the proofreader because I want to go back to it and experience it as a reader. I might tweak things here and there, usually plot stuff or adding forgotten setting descriptions, but it’s definitely NOT a rewrite.

That’s what works for me – even for The Fern and The Cross I only did minor tweaks (it had British spelling and was originally intended for a different pen name) before putting it on Kindle Scout and now on pre-order. If you were a scout, Amazon should have told you about it. It goes live on June 1st on all retailers.

What to write next? Chuck Wendig helps – sort of. Not a problem that I have, considering all the projects currently percolating in my head! But it’s good advice, so go check it.

Are ebooks dying or thriving? You decide. I love my Kindle for novels, but still read non-fiction and comics on paper. As for paying it forward, wait for more authors to be guests on this very blog! 🙂

I might also start newsletter swapping since the majority of my subscribers are okay with it. And I do trust my creative voice (like I said, my critical voice never fully developed – happens when you write in the age of the typewriter with no contacts with the outside world! ;)).

Now I only need to develop the 4 critical mindsets to make a living with writing! And there’s always time to start a writing career… cuz writing actually improves with age and life experience!

Oh, and if you couldn’t follow the live webinar on marketing by D2D and Reedsy, here’s the link! Have a great week! 😀

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  1. Ha ha! My critical voice has gotten louder over the years 😉 I actually don’t do much to my short stories, I will do a read through/proof read (maybe add descriptions or make something make more sense) and have two betas take a quick look, but that’ it. Rewriting usually happens while I am still working on it (like halfway through deciding to move something, or add something to the beginning or whatever). Novel are a different mess, though, LOL!

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    • If you’re still working on it, it’s cycling, not rewriting! 😉
      I’m a pantser, but with historical novels/fantasy where I need to stick to historical events, I need an outline. Otherwise it’s usually a retroactive outline of what happened (what Dean does) and possibly a sentence of what comes next to start they day writing without rereading the previous scene (which I usually do anyway)….

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  2. I’m glad you’re on track. Hope you make the word goal this year!

    My “rewrites” are more rewording of clunky phrases, tweaking of descriptions, etc, than actual rewrites. It’s the stage where I say, “Actually, that would sound better if I wrote it this way.”

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    • You are a fast writer compared to dome people l know who spend YEARS tweaking and rewriting snd whatnot! 🙂
      You’re doing great! 😁

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