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Hi guys,

I’m Samantha and I come from another world – the original, old Silvery Earth, where people are immortal and never grow up. When I’m not switching bodies at will, I travel to other universes, especially books or movies. That’s how I met Rajveer the vampire, for example!

So, I’m taking over the interviews on this blog! And here I am, meeting people from other books/universes/whatever!
Hello there! Tell me a little about yourself (name, age…)

S’pose it can’t hurt. My name is Pierce Landcross, and I’m . . . how should I bloody say it? One who has fallen out of favor with the law. I’ve been told I’m the most wanted thief in England. It seems ’about right, considering I tried stealing from Queen Victoria inside her palace. I’m twenty-seven and have been scraping by my whole life with no real direction on the horizon.

I like it! Describe your appearance in ten words or less.

Ten words, eh? Right. I measure up to around five-eight in height, slender build, with shoulder length hair, green eyes, a nasty scar across my throat and a brand mark of a figure-eight on my chest. Long story.

Okay… Do you have an enemy or nemesis? If so, who are they and how did they become an enemy?

Bloody hell, where do I begin answering this one? Being a thief, a smuggler, and all-around troublemaker, I haven’t left many mates in my wake. One enemy of mine, in particular, is a German named Volker Jäger. He was once a general in Hamburg where I attempted to highway rob a friend of the mayor. Ol’ Volker was assigned to find me, but with some help, I managed to escape. Volker was discharged shortly after and has been hunting for me since to redeem himself.

Would you kill for those you love? And would you die for them?

Unfortunately, killing comes with the territory of being a fugitive. *Sighs deeply* I’m not proud of the lives I’ve taken, but nor do I regret it, especially when it comes down to taking out those threatening people I care for. It drives me to act whenever a loved one is in danger, it’s just who I am. I once offered the Queen my life for my folk’s when they were imprisoned at Newgate Prison. Which, I might add, turned out utterly different from what I had expected. I bloody swear these one-eighties that keep happening to me is truly the story of my bleedin’ life.

Where do you live?

My world is one heading steadfast toward the next new cycle of the human existence. Since the dawning of the Industrial Revolution, there has been this strive to invent and bring about new gadgets and machinery by inventors known as Contributors. These sods are working their way up to the peak to this steam-powered age to reach the new era, The Age of the Machine. Whether it’ll actually occur or not is anyone’s guess, but I’ve seen a thing or two to not discredit that such a stage will come. As of where I live, it depends on where I am. Other than being a hunted outlaw, I’m a wanderer by nature. My brother and I grew up with my folks who traveled with Gypsies until Joaquin and me got separated from them in Abney Park in London. Afterward, we roamed about, trying to find them. We never did, and all we achieved was becoming common criminals.

Are you involved in a relationship? If so, with who and what is it about them that you find appealing?

Aye. I managed to find someone, and surprisingly enough, she loves me as much as I love her. Her name is Taisia Kuzentsov, a Russian lass who grew up performing in the circus before setting off on her own to explore Europe. Tai is very brave who can hold her own in the face of danger and believe me, we’ve encountered our fair share. She’s also a protector who has no quarrel about putting herself in harm’s way to keep her loved safe. When I look at her, her beauty completely undoes me sometimes.

What is the biggest challenge you face in the story?

Staying alive, mostly. To tell the truth, I suspect I’m cursed. It seems that every time I bloody well peer my head up for a single moment, something happens and I wind up in another life-threatening adventure.

Heh. Authors tend to do that to their characters. Do you have a family? Tell me about them.

Aye. My mum, Nona, dad, Jasper, and my grandmother, Élie Fey. As I mentioned before, my brother and I were raised by Gypsies. Taisia actually came across my folks during her travels and joined up with them on theirs. My family is a pretty unique bunch. Mum is the person in charge of the family. S’pose her assertiveness comes from her father, who’s a forest elf living in the Netherlands. Dad also has his own special bloodlines and Grandmother Fey is an enchantress. My brother, Joaquin, is an outlaw like me, doing what does to keep on living.

Please give me an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.

I talked about the bloodlines in my family. I’ve inherited these, which doesn’t make me into any superhuman, or anything, but it has made me a target for a witch named Freya Bates, who has this grand plan that no one knows about and for some reason or another she needs me dead to achieve it. Like I said, earlier, I’m cursed.

Nah, I’m sure you’ll survive! What 2 or 3 questions do you wish I’d asked and what are your answers to them?

Interesting question. Erm, s’pose if you were to ask me what I’d like to do other than be a thief, I’d say be an English professor. Aye, stop your laughing now, even though I sound like a hick, I’m very well-read. I love books, you see, and teaching literature would give me a chance to explore more deeply into the novels I’ve read while enlightening others.

The other question would be what’s all is in store for me. A lot, actually! Grandmother Fey used to be a fortuneteller of sorts. She once told me each life has many paths that lead in different directions. No one can truly see into the future because the future is always changing. I dunno my whole story yet, but I can tell you it involves me traveling through the Netherlands and following clues to a family inheritance, dealing with the Hellfire Club in Scotland, sailing to Sonora, Mexico with my mates, the Sea Warriors where I’ll be hunting for fugitives, a jailbreak in New Orleans, and returning to England to face my most feared enemies.

Okay, I guess we’re done with the gentleman… hello there, milady! Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Clover Alice Norwich, and I’m ten years old. I am the daughter of a terrible man, Lord Tarquin Norwich, and sister to Archie Norwich. I write fantasy stories and hope to become an established author one day.

Oh, cool! Describe your appearance in ten words or less.

I’m tall for my age, with red wine-colored hair, dark brown eyes, with some freckles sprinkled over my face.

What is your role in the story?

Mainly I get the boys out of trouble. Father had ordered Archie and me to travel to France to capture Mr. Pierce and bring him back to Southampton where he could be questioned about the Toymaker, Mr. Indigo Peachtree. That plan fails when Mr. Pierce is saved by the Sea Warriors during our crossing over the Channel. After that, I use my crafty planning to keep us three alive while we try finding Mr. Peachtree.

Way to go, girl! What is your relationship with the protagonist(s)?

Like I said, Archie is my brother. My older brother, who is caught between obeying our ruthless father while trying to find a way for us to escape him. Archie is a good brother. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Mr. Pierce is my friend, which didn’t start off that way, considering we were sent to catch him and bring him to Father.

I wish I had an elder brother too – only a twin sister and more sisters around here, sgrunt. Where do you live ?

I live in Southampton inside a stuffy old mansion. My life as a noble is very dull and unproductive. If it wasn’t for my writing, I’m awfully sure I’d go mad.

I bet you would! Are you involved in a relationship? If so, with who and what is it about them that you find appealing?

*Giggles* No. I’m only ten, after all. Although, if I was years older, I’d marry Mr. Pierce. He’s very handsome and kind. He also likes reading which is very appealing to any writer.

Tee-hee! Indeed! He could become your first reader! What is the biggest challenge you face in the story?

I was kidnapped by Mr. Pierce’s older brother, Joaquin, and handed over to some bad people working for my father at his castle on the Isle of Wight. They didn’t know who I was, so they locked me in the dungeon. Never had I experienced such mistreatment nor I have been so frightened. I suppose the biggest challenge I face is acclimating to this exposure of cruelty.

Mean people. They shall be punished! Do you have a moral code?

Sure, I do. I have lots of them, I suppose.

Please give me an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.

I died once. I don’t want to go into details because it was a very dramatic experience for me, especially because of who shot me dead. But I crossed over to the other side and came back!

Color me impressed! What 2 or 3 questions do you wish I’d asked and what are your answers to them?

How about what kind of books I write? My answer is fantasy stories where I cast myself as the protagonist and explore other types of worlds. Another question would be what are my plans for the future. I’d like to grow up and live in a quaint little cottage in the countryside and spend my days writing my stories and to travel the world, preferably with the man I love. *Giggle and blushes* Like Mr. Pierce.

Book(s) in which the character appears and links

Legacy (vol.1) Legacy-The Reunion




Legacy-The Reunion Goodreads:

Full Series Synopsis:

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Michelle E. Lowe is the author of The Warning, Atlantic Pyramid, Cherished Thief, and Legacy. Children’s books, Poe’s Haunted House Tour, and The Hex Hunt. Her works in progress are the continuations of Legacy. Currently, she lives in Lake Forest, California with husband Ben, and their two daughters.



Twitter: @MichelleLowe_7


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