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Okay, first this post because I chuckled throughout it, but it has nothing to do with writing, so… RE: the title question, I type with ten fingers without looking at the keyboard since 1987. I learned in 4 months. It’s not that hard! 😉 RE: the radio FM questions: where are you living, dude? Video killed the radio star in 1979! 😉 And RE: (the reason why I got this post in my inbox)

Drew: Who wins in a fight between Jason Bourne and John Wick?

Dudes, didn’t you see the fan-made trailer for John Wick 3? He beats them all – the hero of Taken, Jason Bourne, Mission: Impossible, Jack Reacher and even James Bond!

I won’t comment on the rest of the post above, but it’s a funbag indeed. Because sometimes even Americans can be funny. I usually understand British humor more, but in this case I had a chuckle or three throughout the whole long thing! 😉

Staying in the movie topic and humor but moving over to good old Europe, I got the DVD of Prete-moi ta main (I do). You bet I get French humor, I grew up with it! 😉 And I like Alain Chabat and Charlotte Gainsbourg, a very mismatched couple for this fun comedy about an eternal bachelor. And of course at the end another one bites the dust (to stay in old songs moods)…

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Because like the Facebook meme says, it might be 2018, but I’m still listening to 80s music – especially British pop! 😉 (can you name all those people? I probably can, but not today…)

Oh, and the movie heroine (Charlotte Gainsbourg) loves a Tamil movie, Muthu – the bonus disk has extracts… Tollywood or Bollywood, the songs are always the best! 😉 Have a great weekend! 😀

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  1. I’ve been able to type with all ten fingers without looking since I was about 11 years old. Took me a couple of months to learn, like in your case.

    Oh, and I was weaned on 80s music. I listen to some more recent stuff, but think the stuff from the 80s is often better. the early 90s and backwards were generally pretty good for music. The newer stuff often doesn’t appeal to me as much.

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    • I’m glad a youngster like you prefers good oldies like the ones that came out in my teens! 😉
      As for the more recent stuff, I guess besides Bollywood and the likes (I went to a world-festival on May 1st, and enjoyed watching AND listening to the Bhangra Boys and Girls + hear the above song in Tamil) I don’t listen to much…


  2. I enjoyed this post, but I have to admit… once I read about French comedy – the only thing I could think of was a hilarious film I saw years go called CAMPING – A group of various French people from all walks of life, each share a camping location where they religiously return year after year and the comedic story-line of what happens one year at the campground.
    Have you seen it or heard of it? I think it’s been a remade several times, never quite as good as the first.


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