Writer Wednesday

yay! Now I better add Dropbox and start using it…

Well, then, even though Brand New Writing Computer has just arrived, last week I wrote 16K. It pays to write longer works, doesn’t it? I’m probably halfway with this one and hopefully will wrap it up by next week. But, like I said, I won’t publish much for the first half of the year – although the second half might be quite crowded! 😉

And Celebrating Male Lovers is live! Happy Valentine! Sorry I never cared much for this holiday, but if you do, enjoy your day with your beloved, man or woman or whatnot. Soon another bundle will come out, so stay tuned…

If you’re a writer and want your books in a bookstore (and a physical one at that) or libraries, please support this Kickstarter. I saw the shop with the previous owner and look forward to seeing it again whenever I make it back to the Oregon Coast (hopefully in 2020). They even added something extra for writers! 🙂

So, indie authors, get ready for a bright future. Of course there are still a few things wrong with indie publishing (either listen to the podcast or read the post about What’s wrong with Indie Publishing), but if you can get productive (here’s a good strategy for you) and find a good cover designer (or even a place with stock photos for your genre) or help an artist by ordering her commissions, you’re one step ahead.

Me, I’m taking it easy this year. I keep hearing contrasting things about AMS and FB ads (someone even suggesting to stop blogging – which I might do, eventually, if I run out of things to say) and I certainly don’t want to spend weeks watching AMS dashboard and tweaking keywords, so not for me, not at this time.

Not audio either, since I don’t seem to be able to connect my D2D titles directly to Findaway Voices that seem to have problems on certain audio retailers anyway, so… I’ll stick to ebooks and paperbacks for now. And submitting short stories to traditional paying markets.

Back to writing! Have a great week! 😀

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  1. I have three copies of all my writing related stuff: on my computer’s hard drive, on dropbox, and on a USB stick. Whichever I’ve worked on, I immediately – or, if “immediately” isn’t an option because I can’t do so, as soon as possible – update the others.

    Most writing advice has an article contradicting it somewhere. At least, that’s how it seems. Blog more. Don’t blog so much. Use Facebook ads. Don’t bother using Facebook ads because they’re a waste of time. Etc, etc. So, just do what works for you – or what you think might work for you – and hope for the best. That’s all you really can do these days.

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    • spent the first afternoon reacquainting myself with writing on two computers and synching through Dropbox! 🙂 I also have an external drive to save everything off the laptops every six months or so, just in case…
      And sick of trying to keep up with discording advice. Like I said, I’m writing, trying to submit shorter work to traditional mags and not bothering with the rest. Although I did order covers for the coming titles – I like keeping my artist friends working, LOL!


  2. Good luck with your writing! Your new writing computer looks so nice!!


  3. Nice! I need a new one next year or so. This one is great and still works but it’s getting to where I need more processing power and I don’t think you can upgrade that in laptops.


    • My laptop is also veeeery slow. But l can do the writing on the Netbook via Dropbox, like l did in 2015… Actually this time l’m even taking it to work when l’m all alone… Hush hush! 😁


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