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attempt, not the final one… It wouldn’t save the JPG, so I took a screenshot of this one!

And the publisher page has a new header! Took some working since I have an old version of Photoshop and Elements “doesn’t support layer groups and displays them in their collapsed state. You must simplify them to create an editable image” except the editable image had no layers, so I had to ask Mighty Silvano to please pull them out of the folder.

Now I should renew this blog’s header, but… maybe during the weekend, LOL!

About reading! I started a historical novel that has been on my table for almost ten years, but I’m afraid I won’t finish it. Printed books tend to have small fonts (i.e. hard to read, I stopped buying magazines for that reason) and I’d rather keep all the novels on my Kindle (which I didn’t have ten years ago or whenever I bought that book, LOL!).

Besides, it was written in the 1950s and head-hopping is really jarring (they don’t “ejaculate” anymore, but they “cried” a lot… maybe “he said, she said” isn’t so bad after all!). And I’d rather go back to the bundles I’ve been in and the ones still to come. My TBR pile will never go down… unless I do not finish the books that don’t catch me with the first chapters! πŸ˜€

On a different topic, last weekend I brainstormed while drawing – Da Muse, who else – and watched one of the DVDs I got from Amazon, with Da Other Muse (whom Americans might have admired during the Super Bowl, hopefully seeing the most dignified, manly tear, LOL!).

Anyhow, I enjoyed the Whole Truth and it’s final twist (ouch, just read the Italian titles of the latest movies. I wish IMDB didn’t read my server location). I’m not a big fan of courtroom drama, so I didn’t see hundreds of them. I could only compare it to Devil’s Advocate which was shot 20 years before that. So it was okay.

This weekend I hope to see the mess that changed title because the director refused to be part of it and is now called ExposedΒ – we’ll see if it’s really a mess! πŸ˜‰ And I got the short stories back from Mighty Editor, so I have some editing to do before starting the submission process. And if there’s time, I’ll work on the publisher’s page that still needs some tweaking (do a new header for this blog?)… Have a great weekend! πŸ˜€

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  1. Cool banner but a weird commercial, LOL! And I’d forgotten that they used to use ejaculate as a conversation tag – it’s been a bit since I’ve read older books!


    • I hear there’s more than one – in another he surfs on his motorcycle… πŸ˜‰
      And yes, I think I’m going to read one more chapter and then give up altogether – definitely not my kind of book! 😦


  2. I can’t not finish a book. I borrowed a book from someone one time, and wasn’t enjoying it very much, so wasn’t bothered that I hadn’t finished it when I needed to give it back. But it started bothering me afterwards, so I ended up buying a copy. It turned out the book got better, so now I worry I’m not giving a book a fair chance if I don’t finish it.


    • You read a lot more than l do. You don’t have to catch up on the classics. My life is too short to finish books that don’t grab me or are written in what is now a painfully dated style. I need to write in the 21st century and l shouldn’t bother with what was popular in the 1950s… I might do the same if and when l start GoT (at least Mr Martin has a more modern style – l hope)! πŸ˜‰


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